Friday, September 15, 2017

Got the Metroid Samus Returns Legacy Edition & amiibo

It's another of these days... When a package full of new Nintendo stuff arrives and it feels like Christmas. The only difference is that it was actually containing Metroid goodies, instead of the usual Zelda merchandise:

I was actually lucky to reserve all these items on Amazon Germany, but this cost me quite a lot, because they seem to piss on their "Best Price" policy these days and just stick to the placeholders. It cost me a total of 140€, while it should have been 100€ tops. But the Legacy Edition cost 100€ alone, which it definitely isn't worth it, and then 20€ for each amiibo. But it seems that Amazon likes to make some profit out of all the rarity as well.

Anyway, the Legacy Edition is quite nice, especially if you're a fan of the GameBoy classic. It's not worth 100€ (maybe 70€ tops), because it only contains the usual penny-ante stuff: a keychain, a pin, a steelcase that looks like the original GameBoy module, an artbook and the soundtrack. Oh, and there's a code for the Virtual Console classic game as well:

The amiibo are really nice. I was never a big fan of amiibo figurines and the practices behind them, but those two figurines are certainly worth it:

They look very nice, they have a nice weight to them and the Metroid is made out of squishy, transparent rubber, which is pretty awesome and offers something different. Those are certainly my favorites next to the Guardian amiibo from Breath of the Wild.

I also found out something "exciting" about the Metroid amiibo, something Nintendo hasn't even advertised anywhere. But more about this in a few minutes!

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