Saturday, February 10, 2024

About the Next Nintendo Direct...

You've heard the rumors, you've heard the "leaks", but they all don't matter, because what matters are facts. Fact is, however, that Nintendo likes to host a Nintendo Direct presentation around February to show us what's in store during the next six months or so. The only exception in the last five years was February 2020, where they've focused exclusively on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game that came out just at the right time.

But everyone is expecting a Nintendo Direct soon by nature and you can feel the impatience out there. I wouldn't hold my breath, however, because next week we're going to get the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake, on February 16th, and this will be followed by the Side Order expansion for Splatoon 3 the week after, on February 22nd. Nintendo is currently in full advertisement mode for the former, if you look at their social media banners and all that, where they usually wait with a Nintendo Direct until the coast is clear to not detract attention from their new releases.

With that in mind, I wouldn't necessarily expect a Nintendo Direct before end of February, on February 28th/29th. It's also possible that they put it on the day where Side Order releases, February 22nd, in case they want to tie both together, but that's really the earliest. And Princess Peach Showtime! releases March 22nd, where end of February or beginning of March is the perfect window for Nintendo to show us what's coming after, without getting in the way of any of their releases.

Update: I forgot that there is the Pokémon Day on February 27th, where we will usually get a Pokémon Direct. With that in mind, March seems more likely at the moment. In the worst case scenario they'll wait until after the release of Princess Peach Showtime!.

In any case, I also wouldn't expect anything about a Switch 2 in the next Nintendo Direct. It will all be about "Nintendo Switch games releasing in 2024". A new console will get its own dedicated presentation and Nintendo will probably take their sweet time with this, because the Switch is still doing rather well, judging from the latest numbers. Before we move into the next generation, it certainly still has some more remakes, remasters, and ports coming to it, but also a couple of new games, where this will be the focus of the next Nintendo Direct.

All I want at this point is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Remastered and a remake of Oracle of Ages & Seasons. If we're still getting this for the Switch, I will be more than happy. But let's talk about hopes and predictions once we get the announcement, as usual...

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