Monday, October 2, 2017

Metroid Mania

It's Metroid Mania on Hyrule Blog! A majority of the posts last month were under the Metroid label and it will probably be the same for this month, before we return to Breath of the Wild and the new DLC in November.

It might seem "off" for a Zelda Blog to write so much about another video game series, but in its origins this site was named "Torvus Blog" after the Torvus Bog region in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and it was intended as a video game blog about Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash Bros. and other games. Later on I made the decision to specialize on the Zelda franchise, because it was the most promising topic. And in hindsight this was clearly the right choice, given that lots and lots has happened with Zelda in the last years, while the Metroid franchise was pretty much dead.

Now that Metroid is finally back, it doesn't mean that Hyrule Blog will transform into something different, so Zelda will remain as the clear focus. But a topic on this blog will still be games that offer a similar Action Adventure gameplay to Zelda, where for me the Metroid games always have been up there and remained as my second favorite Nintendo series. Metroid is the Sci-Fi Zelda.

Similar to my efforts of replaying the Zelda games for the 30th Anniversary, it was around the 30th Anniversary of Metroid that I returned to the Metroid series by playing its various games - an endeavor, which I have continued in the last months. So, here's a list of what I have achieved so far with review-esque thoughts about each game. Some of these titles I have played for the first time, with others I tried to achieve something new, like beating a higher difficulty mode, and some titles got replayed for the fun of it alone.

Summer 2016

Summer / Fall 2017

Next on my list would be replaying the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy on both Veteran and Hyper Mode difficulties, which I haven't done before. This might take a while, though, and serves more as a preparation for Metroid Prime 4, which is still far on the horizon.

What I really like about the classic 2D Metroid games is that they all play relatively fast, where I even played through some of the games twice and where I might try to achieve some better times in the future to view all the best endings... Overall this was a lot of fun so far and gave me some ideas of what Nintendo could and should do with the Metroid series in the next years, which I will share later on.


  1. Speaking of Breath of the Wild, did you find the remaining Korok seeds? I'm at 742 myself. The last two took me an hour to find, even using the mask. I simply can't think of a place I haven't explored already. I'm finding unbeaten Stone Taluses faster than I am finding new Korok seeds. I'm going to keep trying, since I really don't want to resort to a guide.

  2. I was at 765, iirc, and I haven't played Breath of the Wild in quite some time. As this post indicates, I was quite busy with Metroid.

    Like you I don't want to use a guide, but this is taking forever, especially since there are no area-based checkmarks... Hopefully the update for the 2nd DLC will add some more features to help you out with the Korok Seeds. The mask honestly wasn't enough.

  3. After I finish this, plus the upcoming DLC, it'll be a long time until I find myself willing to clear this game 100% once again. 900 seeds was way too much. They could have settled for 500 or so. I rarely break shields anyway, so the extra inventory space isn't always that useful. And I'm in no hurry to play Master Mode either.