Saturday, August 27, 2016

Another Metroid 2 Remake 1.1

Project AM2R has released a new version of the game, which already fixed some of my complaints from my review, so I gave the game another run. It took me about 4 hours to achieve the 100% again and beat the game, so it's a perfect evening game.

Probably the best thing from the patch is the new warp pipe that connects the final area with the second area. It's located right next to last save station, the one before you encounter the classic Metroids, and it leads back into the early regions of the game.

This was perfect for me, because I missed a Super Missile expansion that got hidden in the first big Metroid nest, the really dark area. And you want to have as many Super Missiles as possible for the Queen fight, which is still very tough.

Some of the other bosses did get rebalanced, though. The Omega Metroids are now much easier, in fact they maybe became a little bit too easy in comparison. In 1.0 it was really a fight to the death, because they did immense damage and had tons of stamina. Now they feel quite similar to the Zeta Metroids in their threat level... Somewhere in between would probably the sweet spot, but it's good that the developer(s) are listening to feedback.

The Torizo fight also got easier, but it now feels just right. Before it was an ordeal, where you had to learn the Space Jump mechanic and fight a Rocket Pack powered Chozo Robot at the same time. It took me many tries to master this fight in version 1.0, but in version 1.1 it's much more manageable and that's great.

So, overall it was very good and enjoyable to replay. I can only advise every Metroid fan to play this game. It's out there, whether Nintendo wants it or not.

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