Friday, May 28, 2010

Your Last Chance to Write Some Idiotic Zelda Wii Rumors

E3 starts in three weeks and the newest Zelda game will probably be shown there. So, this is your last chance to pretend that you have some insightful inside information from Nintendo about the game. Because you're the champ. And whoever posted the rumors from Januar at 2ch came up with some new stuff:

  • Link will be replacing the bow and arrow with a crossbow.
  • Game is all but finished. Putting on final touches.
  • There will be a playable demo at E3.
  • Time travel does occur and it happens through the use of a new blade. (not the master sword)
  • Link's hometown is much bigger than in previous titles.
  • There will be several "Majora's Mask" esque sidequests.
  • Character interaction will be more involving than in any previous title.
  • The dungeon field dungeon method is changed, and one of the changes confirms straight dungeon to dungeon portion of the game.
  • The current name of the girl in the picture is Adelle.
  • Combat is extremely fluent and innovative. No previous Wii title can give you a good example of it's unique style.
  • The game relies heavily on sword combat versus other items.
  • There will be less items, but they will be used more frequently.
  • There will be another main weapon added for an alternative combat style.
  • The game will feature significant portions of flight.

Source: ZeldaInformer

Of course, of course... this MUST be real, since it sounds so authentic. But like I said before, everyone can come up with that. The crossbow idea probably comes from the fact, that Wii Sports Resort esque archery would require to switch Nunchuk and Wiimote during the game and that of course would suck (unless you simply hold the bow with your right hand). That the numbers of items is less, but every item is more frequently used, is a trend in the Nintendo DS Zelda games. If Nintendo focuses on items, that utilize MotionPlus (much like items that utilize the touchscreen in the DS Zeldas), then this might be likely. So, this idea also doesn't come out of nowhere. Another main weapon is mentioned, but why not just say what kind weapon? Is it a spear or something? If he knows that much, why not spill it? This is where the rub is, all this unspecific information. If you want to do write some good and believable fake rumors, always be specific, never say stuff like the above.

The easiest thing you can do in order to increase your credibility is just mentioning some known facts, like that the game uses MotionPlus, that Aonuma's son would like to see Link fly and that the dungeon and field formula will somehow change. Of course you don't say anything speficic, just add a dumb example like the dungeon to dungeon idea (seriously...?). And then add some stuff the fanboys would love to hear, mention "Majora's Mask" and "sidequest" in the same sentence and talk about bigger environments with more interaction. And how epic the game will be. The final boss will be Vaati and Ganondorf, both wearing Majora's Mask!! W00T!!! And of course there's absolutely NO chance at all, that this massive game comes out this year, 2012 at the earliest, as a Wii HD title! Because it's common knowledge that Nintendo will announce the Wii HD this year at E3. For some reasons they didn't do this last year or 2008, but better late than never. (For everyone, who didn't get it, that was sarcasm, there won't be a Wii HD and you can expect Zelda Wii for the end of 2010. ^^)

Seriously, why even bother with these rumors now? In three weeks we will all know, what the real deal looks and plays like.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Link Con

A couple of days ago the long anticipated LOST finale aired. Though it was somehow disappointing for many people including me, it's good to know, that the main characters have something to do after their story on LOST is over. As a pre-E3 reveal, Sawyer will star as Link in the upcoming Zelda game for Wii:

Son of a bitch! I guess they have to replace Zelda with Juliet, if they want him to do anything heroic. Well, check out the source for more LOST characters in the role of video game characters (I like the Hurley & Ben one).