Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ocarina of Time 3D and Add-On Content

This week Nintendo released their first official add-on content for a 3DS game, a patch for Mario Kart 7 that prevents you from using some glitch based shortcuts (the one Wuhu track for example). As we all know Nintendo is against "releasing incomplete products", so you should't expect downloadable MK7 tracks or new Super Mario 3D Land levels for 4.99. And definitely not downloadable content for a game like Zelda, where DLC would be hard to include (unless there's multiplayer).

Still I would like to talk about the possibility of Ocarina of Time 3D getting new content, because it could fix the biggest mistake of the remake - the lack of any new content. Like a new optional dungeon offering some bigger challenges. It could be placed as a cave or even a secret grotto somewhere in the Desert Colossus area. Or if you only want Adult Link to enter the dungeon then somewhere in the Haunted Wasteland (this place is perfect for adding some secrets). It could be another 50 story fighting dungeon like the Cave of Ordeals. That still would be better than nothing, especially if it let's you rebattle Dark Link. And it should get even harder in Master Quest. As rewards they should try to fill the two empty slots in the item menu, more bottles or a telescope, something. Maybe new potions that come with the new bottles and can be refilled in the dungeon any time. A larger wallet would also be nice, even though this wouldn't fill a slot in the item menu. But there could be a reward after every 10th floor.

The Cave of Ordeals idea is quite minimalistic and it might sound desperate that they just should add something. But I can't stress it enough, that Ocarina of Time 3D was a missed opportunity and DLC might be a way to fix this.