Friday, May 23, 2014

Hyrule Warriors' Playable Characters

Next to Link you will get to play with Impa for the first time, which is certainly exciting. But it was mentioned that there were many more playable character (Aonuma was even surprised about how many characters there were), where I have trouble wrapping my head around what characters this could be... Zelda? Groose? Beedle? Scrapper?

Well, what I definitely would like to see in the character roster would be some badass Goron. He could use a hammer (maybe even the Megaton Hammer from Ocarina of Time) as a weapon or simply his fists like Darmani in Majora's Mask. In similar fashion a Zora Warrior could be introduced, fighting with a spear made of fish bones. A Gerudo Warrior would also be nice (and add more boobies, because we know that Team Ninja won't stop at Cia). They could aim for introducing their own six sages in the game, but this time each of them is a strong warrior.

I would also like to see Link as Fierce Deity, just because of the fanservice and it could fit in nicely in a game like Hyrule Warriors, where you fight hundreds of enemies as some overpowered entity.

Also, as far as I know the Warriors games usually let you play with the bad guys as well:

It would be awesome to play with these guys, though the problem here probably lies in your opponents. When you play as Link or Impa you get lots of different enemies from the Zelda series like Bokoblins, Lizalfos, Stalfos or even bosses like King Dodongo or Argarok. But what are you supposed to fight as Cia, Valga, Wizro and maybe Demise? Just lots of Hyrule foot soldiers?

I actually answered my question myself: as one of the bad guys you could fight Goron or Zora armies, even have big enemies like Biggoron or the three dragons from Skyward Sword. Also, there is lots of potential here for the bad guys. You could play as Ghirahim or Dark Link for example.

Hyrule Warriors shows the Rise or Destruction of Skyloft

Wow, this picture is amazing and confusing alike... first I thought it shows the destruction of Skyloft, but then I noticed that it still has the Statue of the Goddess, which shouldn't be there at this point in time. So, I thought the scene shows the creation of Skyloft. But then I noticed Hyrule Castle, which was built after the events of Skyward Sword. Together with the kingdom of Hyrule.

So, it's not quite clear and my best guess is that the artwork is flawed and it shouldn't have the statue. Or somehow the statue moved back up to Skyloft. But at least we know that the game is strongly tight to Skyward Sword. They used Link's design in the Skyward Sword backstory manga after all...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Boobs & Story

When Hyrule Warriors first got announced last December, I didn't know what to think of it. It looked like some ragtag Zelda mix of Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time visuals. It looked cheap and I didn't like it. Of course at the time the game was in an early development.

By now they added boobs and it suddenly looks all better... :D I recommend taking a look at the official site - it has quite some screenshots and artwork, like the bad guys:

The personality pair to the left is called Shia and she's actually a good witch/fairy/something, who takes care of the balance of the Triforce. However, she fells in love with Link, who only has eyes for Princess Zelda though, and her feelings eventually turn her into the Wicked Witch of Hyrule, turning the lands into chaos together with her two buddies Valga (they guy with the Volvagia helmet) and Wizro (the Wizzrobe guy who looks like a ghost from Ikana).

The story may sound silly, but I like it. Most importantly I like that they didn't just use Ganondorf, but they actually came up with their own new villains for Zelda. The whole game looks like it takes place some time (a generation or two) after Skyward Sword, with the Hyrule Kingdom established, the Triforce there, but no Ganondorf yet. Valga even looks like he could transform into the dragon Volvagia at some point, maybe they really want to create a Volvagia backstory for some more fanservice than just Shia's cleavage.

It's given that Shia looks more like she came from the character creator of Tera Online, but with her story of having feelings for Link, it actually makes sense for her to look as appealing as possible. I always liked how in Ocarina of Time Link had all these female love interests like Malon or Ruto, while he kept chasing after princess blondie. I guess, it's even one of the factors that made the game popular. And it's funny how they use that here with Shia to create a different kind of villain for the Zelda franchise, even though her design might not something you'd expect from a Zelda game.

But while I don't have problems with Shia or sexualization in general, I think that Link looks like a doll in most scenes, way too feminine.

I hope that Aonuma actually lets this game be canon and part of the official timeline. So far it looks like it could fit in nicely after Skyward Sword and tell a different story for the franchise.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Team Ninja is working on Hyrule Warriors

And you can already see what they're up to:

Not that I mind...

But the title might be a good chance to blow out a lot of fanservice, boobies aside. Impa is playable for example and other characters as well. Could turn out to be quite the fun title.