Sunday, August 16, 2015

Majora's Mask 3D Bag

With the New Nintendo 3DS XL at hand, I was thinking about doing a System Transfer and turning it into my main system. I wasn't convinced to do so at first, mainly because of two reasons: one was the sharper and brighter screen of the original Nintendo 3DS and the other one was the transportability. However, after replaying A Link Between Worlds on the New 3DS XL I got used to the larger screens to a point, where I didn't want to go back to the small original.

The other problem that remained was the transportability though. I don't mind the size, but I do want to have a nice carrying back to protect the system. But the problem with most 3DS sleeve cases, bags and cases is that they are way too tight. Even the protection case for the original Nintendo 3DS, which I have been using, had one of these rubber bands and it always felt like I would be damaging the system, because it put too much pressure on it.

Now, the solution to the carrying bag problem was this baby:

It's quite large, but it fits all Nintendo DS and 3DS systems very comfortably including a Nintendo 2DS or my New Nintendo 3DS XL. It simply uses a big net, which safely holds the system without any pressure. There's holding space to put some 3DS cartridges in there and it visually fits the Majora's Mask Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL very well.

So, I did a System Transfer by now and I've been using the New Nintendo 3DS XL as my main system for three weeks now without any regrets, I even took it to the ZeldaEurope fan meeting, which lasted an entire week. I'm happy that I upgraded, so after all the excessive purchase of the new system was worth it. And my classic Nintendo 3DS served me well for 3.5 years and I will still be using it for fake StreetPassing myself and probably playing TriForce Heroes.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Old Zelda Collection, Part 2

While the previous post was more extensive, this will be a short one. I took these photos in 2010, while I started my blog in 2008. So, there isn't much, which I haven't shown yet. It's simply my Zelda games for the Nintendo DS and the early Wii era, as well as some merchandise for the Nintendo DS Zelda games:

My Old Zelda Collection, Part 1

Over the years I usually posted the newest pieces in my Zelda collection, but I never really showed what I got before doing all that. Actually I made the following photos many years ago (in 2007), but I haven't posted them here yet for some reason, though I always wanted to.

My Zelda collection is currently split in half. The newer stuff is in my current apartment and this collection started with the Nintendo DS / Wii days. All my things from the era of GameBoy, Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance and GameCube remains in my old home in Zittau. And the latter you can find in the pictures:

Nothing too special, I know. Sadly I lost the original packages of Link's Awakening DX and Ocarina of Time. Well, I didn't really lose them, they were sealed with ugly stickers and the attempt to remove them failed, so I cut out the logos and pictures...

The best piece here is probably the Twilight Princess soundtrack, which comes with a replica of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. I also got one of the CD-i games, The Faces of Evil, I got this one very cheaply on ebay, so I thought "why not?" ...

I do not own NES or SNES, so I don't got any games for these systems with the exception of the first Zelda game. But I got the NES Zeldas both on the GBA and the GameCube with the Zelda Collector's Edition. The latter I got separately new and sealed for about 30€, I'm still very happy about that deal. :D

2016 Zelda Calendar

Nothing too special, pretty much the same (lame) design as the previous two years. I do like the selection of pictures better than with the 2015 one, interestingly enough they also got a more spooky artwork for October again, but overall it's just lazy. Nothing from Hyrule Warriors, nothing from any classic games, while The Wind Waker HD gets featured three times for some reason...