Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tri Force Heroes 100% Completion, Part 2

Well, by now I have completed all challenges in singleplayer mode as well. With that I pretty much cleared the entire game. I haven't collected all 15 Friendly Tokens yet, but I either want to do this with real people or in the new update, where you can buy them. I'll see about that, but I could get the rest of the tokens at any time, so this doesn't really matter right now.

Singleplayer went surprisingly well. It still would be nice, if you could steer the totem at any height (could be very useful for that spin attack throw trick) and if there was some way for the dopples to follow you Four Swords style. But you get used to stacking the other Links and carrying them around to save time. One main advantage of the singleplayer is the much lower damage most of the time. I felt like the majority of fights were a lot easier to handle, if you only offer one target, instead of three. On the other hand it's shame that you can only select one outfit for the green Link and the shared Energy Gauge can be very annoying.

While playing singleplayer I also took photos of all the 32 secrets from the Drabland Diaries (see Reddit for more info), which was a lot of fun to discover them all. You don't get anything for it and these photos are not really permanent, so I don't count this as part of the 100%, but I still did it anyway. That way the photo album at least has some purpose and now looks quite nice.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Linkle Announced

There she is! Amazing. I was hoping to see her finally in the Direct and Koei Tecmo again listened to the fans! They made Linkle a thing and she looks lovely. Overall Koei Tecmo did a great job with their original characters, so I'm not worried at all about this.

It would even be nice to have her as an option in Zelda U. And why not? Since the game seems to have a huge focus on the Bow, she might be a nice fit.

By now we got five new characters for Hyrule Warriors Legends. I think that they may want to have six in total, as many as there were added to the original game via DLC and updates. And Toon Ganondorf is probably the most likely candidate here, next to Toon Zelda. Maybe both.

I still would like to see Nabooru, the Deku Princess, Mikau, Yeto, Groose and Batreaux in the future, but they don't strike me as important. Maybe Groose though, Skyward Sword could really use another good character for their team and he was already dearly missed in the original, since it would have made quite some sense to have him there.

So, I think it's going to be Groose or one or two more toon characters.

Tri Force Heroes: First Update + Free DLC Announced

One new area with four levels, new materials, costumes and an arena for 4,99€. That's what I kind of expected, what we would get and what would have been fine, and I was happy to be proven wrong with an even better deal: 30 new levels + new costumes for free. Feels just like Unreal Tournament. Good times.

I was kind of afraid that the DLC will be very short lived, if you only get one new area, but if that area actually has a total of 30+ levels, then this should be more than enough. Actually this area is about the size of the entire original game, but this depends on how complex these 30+ levels will turn out to be.

In any case my previous thoughts about the possible DLC areas seem to be spot on with the "Den of Trials" being very similar to the Hero's Trial from Four Swords Anniversary Edition. They're simply reusing all the assets from the game for this and there's lots of focus on fighting enemies, even some purple colored ones. I wouldn't be surprised, if it turns out that GREZZO are the ones doing the DLC, while the main game was done by the A Link Between Worlds team.

Now it also makes a lot of sense to schedule another update around the 30th Anniversary on February 21st, where they do something similar to the Realm of Memories, where we go back to familiar places from past games. This would be an amazing feature and it would be a good Anniversary gift to the fans, similar to Four Swords AE five years back (though they should re-release this as well).

Interestingly enough the uncovered Tripini dialogues suggested that the new areas will require payment. I think it's entirely possible that they had planned to charge for this, but then decided against it, because the game itself wasn't selling too well. Some good publicity like this could have more people buy it and in the end this will lead to more profit than leeching on the few people, who have actually bought the game already.

So, this was a good choice and it takes all my concerns away for DLC. Even with multiple 3DS systems at hand, I can just install the update on all of them to have access.

And it's great that they still went for the Fierce Deity costume idea! It was the first on my original list for ideas, but I gave up on it after I saw the Sword Suit. It's the third sword beam based outfit already, but it's at least different from the Sword Master Suit by shooting four beams in all directions.

Linebeck's costume on the other might prove to be a problem, if now many people are going to be using it, instead of chosing the right outfit for the job. At least in singleplayer it's a nice "risk" in order to get the materials you need.

I still want that Fairy and Bee costumes, but they are probably too boring for the DLC. The Linebeck and Fierce Deity costumes are the kind of exciting I was talking about in my last post. Now you'd expect something like a Ganondorf costume in the future.

By the way, the update also fixes a couple of issues. You can now buy Friend Tokens, you can blacklist disconnecters and you have better matchmaking. It's good. If the following update also fixes the singleplayer mode and maybe adds a local two player mode, while changing some of the annoying rules in the arena, I might not end up all too unhappy with this game.

Twilight Princess HD Announced

Whyyyyyyy? This seems so unnecessary. You can already play the Wii version of the game on Wii U, the graphical updates seem marginal and there's nothing really to improve, since the game's flaws are in the underlying game flow and can't be fixed with a few adjustments. This has to be the first time, where I'm not excited about an upcoming Zelda release since the GameCube era. And coincidentally it was Twilight Princess, which originally re-sparked my love for Zelda in the year 2005.

But this doesn't look too exciting. Something along the lines of that Wii U tech demo from 2011 for the next console could have been more impressive and maybe more valuable, since we will be running out of remakes soon. Skyward Sword HD would be the last to follow and that's something I could easily picture, since those painting style graphics are meant to be upscaled to HD.

Anyway, the biggest blow in the face were probably the amiibo features. Seriously... who needs that? At least it's only one... I'm getting used to these amiibo Special Editions by now, I also got them for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Splatoon. And as long as I don't need to buy tons of amiibo, my hate for this trend will be contained. Though I'm worried what all the Zelda Smash amiibo are going to do, since I only have Link and I don't really want any of the others.

It's not all bad though. I'm positively surprised that they used the unmirrored GameCube version as the base. That's nice, since I originally played the game on GameCube first and memorized the world that way. Every time I played the Wii version, it was very confusing to me. And the GameCube version is the true world, how it was intended.

I wonder, if they will keep the Wii controls as an option though. And whether the game will be still mirrored in that case or not. I hope not, so that the Wii version remains to be the oddball, but on the other hand this could become a nice feature.

And since this blog always has been dedicated to possibilities with Zelda, let's think about what they could improve, even though my excitement isn't there...

The first thing that came to mind, was playing all 64 levels of Rollgoal yet again on the GamePad, which would be actually a very nice fit for the minigame. I even started to wonder, if this was the sole motivation for the entire game, Aonuma thinking "Wouldn't that minigame be nice on the Wii U? Let's remake Twilight Princess already!"

But one thing that could get me really excited ends with "Quest". 2nd Quest, Master Quest, Hero Mode ... call it whatever you want, but I always liked the idea of having a harder version of Twilight Princess, where you take double or even triple or even quadruple damage and where stronger enemies appear everywhere. Add some Darknuts to the Lakebed Temple, please! This would be exciting to have.

Besides that the game already has it all. Maybe also a Boss Challenge somewhere, maybe make the citizens of Hyrule more talkative... but overall it's just a very linear experience, which they probably won't fix, so I don't have many ideas for improvements.

Except this one: please stop telling me how much all the Rupees are worth. Thank you.

November 2015 Nintendo Direct Zelda Overload

I'm really sad that I didn't find the time to make my usual prediction post for the Nintendo Direct, where I list all possibilities for Zelda news, because this is actually the first time that my entire list became true! Okay, that's easy to claim in hindsight, but at least I made a small Tweet for ZeldaEurope with my ideas, which was spot on. But on Hyrule Blog I would have gone into more detail. Anyway, this is what the list would have looked like:

  • Twilight Princess HD reveal
  • Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks for Virtual Console
  • Tri Force Heroes DLC
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends release + Linkle reveal
  • Maybe some footage of Zelda U

I was also preparing a post about how I didn't think that Twilight Princess HD would be a good idea and my fears became reality, but I will save this for another post.

Best news were the DLC for Tri Force Heroes! It's free, just the way I wanted it, so I can easily install the DLC on all my systems. Perfect. And it looks like I was right about the Hero's Trial idea, but more about this in an upcoming post as well!

PS: Linkle ftw

Friday, November 6, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Fairy Costume Discovered

Check this out.

So, a fairy costume was planned at some point during development! You can even see, how they originally used the Link from Between Worlds for this game, which they had changed, because Toon Link probably was a better fit for the emoticons.

There also seem to be some clipping errors with the wings, but they still might reconsider this costume for the DLC. And I stand by the idea that a Fairy Costume would give you one additional fairy per player wearing it. So, you could have up to six fairies with this costume.

It would also fit both some retro level pack, because these fairies are a classic character, or some Hero's Trial pack, since you will die a lot.

PS: I've updated my previous post about DLC costume ideas.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Thoughts on the DLC Areas

From what we know, Tri Force Heroes is most likely going to get DLC in the form of two new Drabland Areas. But what could they be? The eight existing areas already cover most typical Zelda environments except for a swamp and an ocean area. You can even see some ocean in the background of the map. However, this would be quite boring. We're talking about DLC here and if Nintendo wants people to pay for new areas, then those should better be something special, something interesting.

Something like the Realm of Memories and the Hero's Trial, which both got added in the Anniversary Edition of Four Swords! GREZZO was making that game as well, so it's not unlikely that they might get similar ideas. And I would love to see some retro levels, where they could remake some classic environments and dungeons. This would even be ideal for a late February release, where we're celebrating the start of the 30th Anniversary.

And since most people will have all the overpowered costumes by the time, it might also make sense to amp the difficulty for an additional super challenging area. We already have enemies like the Soldiers that can bring back this special nastiness of the Hero's Trial... This would also be the perfect area to add a shield as an item, since you want to be able to reduce the damage as much as possible.

On a second thought, an ocean area could also be quite interesting, if it adds content from The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Somewhat of a "retro" area so to say. As long as it's something special, I'm fine.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tri Force Heroes 100% Completion

These would be the tasks for a full completion of the game:

  • Unlock all 36 Costumes
  • Collect 15 Friendly Tokens
  • Beat all 128 missions in both multi- and singleplayer

I'm not there yet, but made some significant milestones last day. I finally completed all 128 missions in multiplayer and I got all costumes except for the Dapper Spinner Kit, where you need ten Freebies. I'm not messing with the clock of my 3DS and I only have to get three more, so it's just a matter of a short time.

I collected 9 Friendly Tokens so far, which was possible thanks to my collection of Zelda themed Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS systems. I knew that they would come in handy with this game! You have to keep formatting a system, but this only takes a few minutes. I could collect the rest of the tokens just now, but later this year I will be at a Zelda fan meeting, where I will probably get the rest. It's not like you get anything important for having all 15 tokens, just some changes in dialog. By the way, with these Friendly Tokens this game has actual missables, because you can sell them. Sell more than 7 and you won't be able to get all costumes. They might fix this with an update, but just don't sell them. You shouldn't sell any materials at all to be honest, because the prizes are not worth it.

Anyway, one big task left would be completing all missions a second time in singleplayer. The board on the wall in the lobby keeps track individually what missions you've beaten in multiplayer and in singleplayer. With multiplayer I got the full board, now I still will have to go through all of it again in singleplayer. I don't mind this too much though, because it offers quite a different experience. And it's not as bad as I thought it would be, I already managed to beat all challenges in the Forest, even the first Time Trial, which seems to be the hardest in the game. Still, I'm hoping that Nintendo might improve the singleplayer in one of their updates for the game... real simple changes could make the experience much more pleasant. I especially miss the possibility to equip the doppels with outfits, it would be so awesome being able to create your perfect team.

On a site note, I also got a boxed copy of the game on Friday, which I have abused for farming materials in the arena. However, it didn't do me anything good, because it turned out that the materials, which I really wanted, are not available in the arena mode. There's like one rare material in each area, which you can only get as a rare prize in three later challenges. So, they are easy to miss. Mystery Jade, Rainbow Coral, Star Fragment, Ice Rose, Vibrant Brooch, Crystal Skull, Sanctuary Mask, Steel Mask - these are the ones. So, keep an eye out for them at the merchant. If he offers them, do not hesitate to buy them!