Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Min Min Released

The first fighter of the second Fighters Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has just been released today: Min Min. And it's certainly my favorite DLC for this game so far.

The Spring Stadium stage is awesome and a lot of fun with its jump pads. At least when you keep stage hazards on, where I can't stress enough how important a hazard toggle on the stage select screen would be. I don't get why Sakurai's team hasn't implemented this yet, it would make things a lot more comfortable and simpler than switching between all those rule sets.

Anyway, if you go to the stage select screen in a rule set, you can see how the whole thing expands by one row. That adds a total of 10 more possible stages and I really hope they are going to use them for more than just the five remaining Challenger Packs. Some more new or returning stages would be awesome.

The music selection for ARMS is also great, as expected. I don't think there ever has been a stage in the game, where I want almost every song to play, like in this case. Great soundtrack, it's good to have this all in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Now, as for the fighter... Min Min certainly takes some getting used to. I actually had to change my controls a bit, so I could make good use of her Multi Smash Attacks when pressing both the Attack and Special button at the same time.

As expected, she can be quite vulnerable at mid range and even close combat, where she doesn't seem to stand a chance against my current main, Zero Suit Samus, who plays similarly with her dive kick and whip (just not with the insane range), but can also get in your face. If you use Min Min from a distance, however, especially during edge guards, she's a beast and a force to be reckoned with. The AI seems to have a lot of trouble to handle her, where you can use her for some easy wins.

Min Min is a very unique character and I can see there being some pros, who make good use of her. And I will definitely keep playing as her, maybe even as a secondary (next to female Corrin, who got some good buffs in the 8.0.0 update), if I can make her work for myself. She's especially fun in group or team fights, where it's easier to keep your distance and snipe people.

Her Classic Mode Route has also some fun references, starting with fights against the Sping Man and Ribbon Girl Mii Boxers. I also like how they've used Min Min's original four skins from ARMS, though the additional alts feel a little bit uninspired, but the black / last one looks certainly very cool.

And I love that Ribbon Girl sings the victory theme. Together with the stage and all the music, this is some good overall ARMS representation, where I'm very happy with this DLC.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

ARMS 2 Suggestions

Lola Pop fighting Ribbon Girl with the ARMS logo behind them

After selling over two million copies and getting into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there is a good chance that ARMS will eventually get a sequel. Whether this will be happening on the Nintendo Switch or a later Nintendo system is a different question, but when it happens there will be a couple of things that can be improved over the first game.

1) Individualized Grand Prix

The "Grand Prix" in ARMS is a bit of a letdown, where you keep playing the same basic set of fights with every fighter. What ARMS 2 needs are unique ladders for every fighter, preferably also with cinematic cutscenes that tell us more of their stories.

The trailer for Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already showed us more about the character than the original game did. And ARMS needs this kind of stuff to make more out of its excellent characters. It would also add to the replay value of the mode, where it should be more interesting to play the Grand Prix with every single fighter.

2) Getting ARMS

One of the things that adds really to the depth of ARMS is the fact that you can use every weapon with every fighter... Given that you have unlocked them. This was done via the "Get ARMS" mini-game in the first game, which resulted in a near endless grind in a Gacha fashion. And this way too random and exhausting.

The sequel can improve tremendously here by letting you pick one of your opponent's Arms when you beat them in a match. This way you would have an incentive to battle against every fighter with every fighter multiple times. And this would allow for a direct way of obtaining Arms.

You are maining Ribbon Girl, but want to use the Megawatt? Well, simply go fight Min Min with Ribbon Girl, then...

3) Guest Star

If the first game is any indicator, every fighter added to the sequel will probably turn out great. It will be a delight to see with what new character designs the developer come up with... And of course the focus should be on increasing the roster.

However, to really get the attention of the masses and modern pop culture, there needs to be something more. Fighting games like Mortal Kombat or SoulCalibur often achieve this with their ambitious guest stars and not just from other video games, but all media. Negan from The Walking Dead made it into Tekken 7 for example...

And when it comes to ARMS, there really is only one super star this game needs: Monkey D. Luffy. The protagonist of One Piece with his stretchy rubber arms was basically made to appear in the ARMS League, where ARMS might as well be called "Gum Gum Pistol, the game" (though, "ARMS" is definitely the better title).

One Piece Treasure Cruise Artwork of Luffy in his Davy Back Fight outfit
© One Piece Treasure Cruise

He even fought with boxing gloves during the Davy Back Fight, where Luffy would have tons of fun participating in the tournament and could come with his own set of One Piece inspired Arms, like cannon balls.

One Piece is by far the most popular and successful manga and anime out there, where not only Japan would go nuts over this. Many would buy ARMS 2 for Luffy alone. And this is really what could bring the franchise to a much bigger success.

ARMS (Review)

ARMS logo

To pass some time until Min Min finally is available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's a good idea to take a(nother) look at ARMS, one of Nintendo's newest IPs and fighting games. The title was released in June 2017, about three years ago, and often gets overlooked in the library of the Nintendo Switch, where it now might get some more attention.

ARMS really is Nintendo doing their own thing in a genre, again. When Nintendo does an open world game, you get something amazing like Breath of the Wild. Or when Nintendo does a multiplayer shooter, you get something crazy like Splatoon. And with ARMS it's Nintendo's take on the 3D fighting genre, while also being a spiritual successor to Punch-Out!!.

Spring Man fighting Ribbon Girl

Gameplay and Controls

The core idea of ARMS is that you're literally throwing your punches, where the "Arms" of your fighter are extending and let your fists travel through the air. You can steer your punches, you can jump, you can dodge, you can block and you can grab, where a grab goes through a block and so on. This offers some traditional "rock, paper, scissors" in its purest sense, where it's all about anticipating your opponent's next move, while also offering a good amount of spacing to react properly in many situations.

It's all very simple, but that's what makes it so good and fun to play. It's not a fighting game, where you have to study frame data, learn complicated combos and perform pixel perfect moves to get competitive. It more feels like a fighting game mixed with a third person shooter. And to spice things up, there are 42 different weapons, also called "Arms", that offer a variety of different projectiles and effects. For example there are boomerangs, which let you attack from behind, or weapons to temporarily freeze your enemy, when they are charged.

Charging is performed by holding either dodge or block and this unleashes the powerful weapon effects for a short time, which include stunning, blinding, blasting or poisoning your enemies. All of this offers some good variety, where you always have to consider your own options and those of your enemy. You can equip your fighter with three different Arms before the match and change them individually for your left and right arm before each round, so that you can use two different weapons at any given time.

In combination with different fighters, who all have unique abilities, there are many things to consider of how you're going into a battle and it might take a while for you to find the perfect combination of Arms for your fighter and yourself. It also adds a lot of depth to the core gameplay of ARMS.

The game is known for utilizing the motion controls of the Joy-Cons, but it can also be played with a Pro Controller. With the Joy-Cons it's easier to steer your punches individually, while the Pro Controller makes it easier to block. In both cases you can fully customize your control scheme, however, to make the game as comfortable for you as possible.

Fighters, Stages and Music

ARMS offers a total of 15 fighters, which all come with their own home stage and music. This might not seem like the biggest number, but it's perfectly fine for a first installment in a new fighting game series. Five of these fighters and stages were offered after the game's launch in the form of downloadable updates. So, a third of the game is DLC, but it's entirely free and with a game like this it was nice to have regular updates for a little while.

Artwork of Twintelle

Each new fighter reveal was exciting, simply because the character designs in ARMS are absolutely excellent. Some of them might aim at certain stereotypes, e.g. Min Min is your Asian girl, who has a Ramen shop (the Mintendo Noodle House) and noodles with dragon heads for her Arms. But it's all so likable and well made that you really feel the love that the developers have put into these fighters.

Every fighter in ARMS also comes with different stats and one or two special abilities. For example Master Mummy can heal itself while blocking, while Ribbon Girl can jump multiple times through the air and dodge back quickly to the ground. The only fighter on the roster who could be considered to be a clone is Springtron, who is like a robot version of the game's poster child, Spring Man. But even Springtron has a unique ability with his EMP wave, which disables extended Arms near him.

And with the exception of Springtron, who uses the same Arms as Spring Man, each fighter also comes with a distinct set of three different weapons. You can still unlock every weapon with each fighter, however, for an insane amount of combinations. There are so many possibilities here that you probably will never be able to try them all out.

That being said, there is some repetition to be found in the weapons, where it's just combinations of the different weapon effects and projectile types. So, the total of 42 weapons might feel somewhat artificial, where you might quickly determine what specific weapons you want to use...

Lola Pop's stage: Via Dolce

Each fighter also comes with a stage, where every stage offers something unique as well. None of it is too crazy, it's usually just some smaller stage hazards or quirks, which keeps things interesting. The Ribbon Ring, for example, has platforms in the middle that can be removed with your punches. Some stages simply offer a different shape or layout, like the Buster Beach, which gets smaller around the center, or the Ninja College, where you fight on a set of stairs.

The best about the stages is the music, though. It's a collection of super catchy tunes that never seem to get old, where it's a blessing that nearly all of it now found its way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well. And when you hear the game's title song with its singing, you immediately know what's up. It always makes for a good mood.

Game Modes

You have some solid fighting mechanics, outstanding character designs, 15 unique fighters and stages, 42 different weapons, great music... So, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, at its core ARMS has some solid game types. The standard fights can be played with up to four participants at once, but you can also play team battles, where the two teammates are linked to each other for some hilarious moments. Playing with more than just two players can become very confusing and chaotic, however, and isn't always that much fun.

The teams work better in the various mini-games, which include Volleyball and shooting targets, as well as Basketball, though the latter can only be played 1-on-1. Those can be a fun little distraction from the normal fights, but don't feel that engaging overall.

All of this gets utilized in the game's main "Grand Prix" mode, where you can pick any fighter and play a series of 10 to 12 matches, depending on the seven different difficulty modes. The difficulty levels already offer the first problem here, because there is a very steep curve. Playing on "3" still might be easy enough for you, but then on "4" you will suddenly get destroyed by the AI.

And while the fighters and their stages are all very unique, the same can't be said for their singleplayer ladders. It's all the same for everyone with the exception of the two boss characters, Max Brass and Dr. Coyle, who will experience some slight variations. But it's nothing too interesting and there are only few story bits in the form of text, where it all gets boring and repetitive super quickly. And that's a shame, where it's clear that the game's budget primarily went into making the fighters.

Otherwise you can play fights with any rules you want, where this offers some additional modes. One of those is the "Hedlok Scramble", where you fight over a scary power-up, which multiplies your Arms. And there is also a "1-on-100" survival mode, reminiscent of Multi-Man Smash, where you keep fighting "Cells", which are generic clones of the fighter Helix.

In addition there is a party mode, where you keep competing in all of the core game modes, as well as some training modes. The game can also be played online, but its online modes weren't tested for this review. However, it seems to offer some of Nintendo's better online experiences and also has seen many events over the past three years, with the so called "Party Crashes".

ARMS Getter

As already mentioned, there is a combination of 15 fighters and 42 different weapons in the game. But how do you actually unlock all the weapons with each fighter? That's where this additional mode comes into play, called "Get ARMS". To play this mode you will need coins, which you earn from playing all the other modes and unlocking Badges.

But it's basically just another target shooting mode, with prizes moving through background once in a while, which will give you the additional Arms for randomly chosen fighters. At first this is quite fun and feels very rewarding, because you're usually getting a handful of new Arms at once. But you can also get duplicates, where every weapon can be upgraded twice for more damage. So, in total you need to get 123 Arms with every fighter, 1845 in total, if you really want to collect and upgrade everything with everyone.

And this is utterly exhausting. It gets old quickly and turns into a total grind, where it would have been better, if there were a direct way of unlocking specific Arms with every fighter. At least that way you would have a good incentive to play as everyone.

It also makes this game difficult for local tournaments or simply playing it on somebody else's Switch. Since this process takes forever, you have no guarantee that the Arms that you want for a specific fighter will be unlocked and full upgraded. And there's no fast way of getting them, which is a complete disaster, because without the right Arms for your fighter you might end up at a disadvantage.


If collecting all the Arms isn't enough for you, there are also 360 Badges to collect, based on ingame achievements. This goes even hand in hand, because unlocking Badges will score you a good amount of coins for the ARMS Getter. These reach from basic milestones like "play 50 matches" to some trickier challenges.

Some of the Badges are fixed, others are obtained randomly, where there's a pool of achievements to get them, which means you don't have to do absolutely all tasks here. Still, with the fixed badges there is a good number linked to the online Party Crashes, which therefore can't be obtained any longer, because these events have stopped. And this is a no-go for every completionist, who wants to get into the game now.


If you want a fighting game with some unique mechanics and great characters, then ARMS is certainly a recommendation. However, with its basic game modes and absolute grind for unlockables, it's not a title that can keep you happily hooked for a longer time. But it offers some good fun for in-between, where its charming design and amazing soundtrack make you come back every once in a while.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Min Min for the Win Win

Min Min doing a kick on the Spring Stadium stage
Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC so far!

After my predictions for the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x ARMS" Challenger Pack, Min Min already felt like the likeliest candidate and not only because she is one of the most popular fighters in ARMS, but because she is the only fighter in ARMS that uses kicks, which feel like a necessary addition for jabs and other close combat attacks to make such a fighter work in Smash Bros. In addition, her dragon arm felt like something that would showcase the dual Arms mechanic rather well.

It might even be that Sakurai's team had planned this from early on and made Spring Man into an Assist Trophy for this very reason, because they knew that need something more than what the basic ARMS fighter would have to offer. (With that in mind, if they are ever going to do a second ARMS fighter in one of the next Super Smash Bros. games, it's probably going to be Twintelle, simply because she can also fight with her normal arms.)

Overall they've done a remarkable job of translating the combat mechanics of ARMS into Smash. You can control both your arms separately and even steer the punches. You can move around while throwing your punches. You can even switch between three different weapons for your right arm. It's all there, but Min Min also offers the necessary extras to make it a fully functioning Smash fighter.

It's pretty well done within the normal Smash Bros. environment, while Min Min feels like the best choice to translate all of it. I'm personally very happy with the fighter and she will definitely become one of my few secondaries, where she seems like a good choice whenever my beloved Zero Suit Samus doesn't do the trick. If she works well enough, Min Min might even become my second main. In any case I can't wait to play as her.

promotional image of Spring Stadium

As for the stage, it really is just Spring Stadium, but it looks like a lot of fun. It's yet another very simple stage with some fun new mechanics, in this case the jump pads combined with the pillars above the stage. Like the King of Fighters Stadium, this might another stage where something simple offers a whole new experience.

Speaking of King of Fighters, the whole trailer for Min Min was done in almost the same fashion, but I enjoyed watching it a lot. Of course you knew the outcome from the second where you saw Captain Falcon and Kirby eating Ramen (bowls), but it was still very fun and Min Min's transformation certainly was something new.

However, this makes it also feel like there won't be any more DLC characters from other fighting games. They've already done this thing twice in the DLC and Heihachi now returns as a Mii costume, which they probably would have saved for later, if they were going to do a Tekken DLC for example. But we'll see.

Finally, all important music tracks from ARMS will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I was hoping as much, because the music is really awesome and this will be very nice to have!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Final Roster Layouts

We should be getting closer to the first Challenger Pack from the 2nd Fighters Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and things are certainly exciting. Who will it be? Is it Min Min? Or Twintelle? Or maybe Spring Man with a Ribbon Girl Echo Fighter? Or even a Hero type character? We'll see probably later this month.

In the meantime ThatOneMart1ni on Twitter has released some interesting images of how the character select screen(s) for the game will unfold, once the entire second Fighters Pass has been released.

For the stacked variant it creates a perfect rectangle of six rows and 13 columns, which looks pretty good overall and has all the Fighters Pass Vol. 1 and 2 characters in the last line:

If you display the Echo Fighters and different Mii Fighter types on their own, then this will add another row of 13 slots, which also looks quite good:

This variant has the original 12 fighters (together with Dark Samus) from the first Super Smash Bros. in the first line. The cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is occupying the last two rows and the ARMS fighter will be placed directly below the Inkling.

This is pretty nice as well and offers space for a total of 90 fighters, if you count it like on the official website. According ThatOneMart1ni, adding more icons at this point will make the game crash, which goes hand in hand with the 16 additional fighter slots that were discovered when the game got released.

But as you can see, four more slots are open. I don't think that we will be getting a third Fighters Pass, because otherwise they wouldn't have made it six fighters for Vol. 2. If there really was a third, we probably would be getting three Fighters Passes with five fighters each. In general I don't think that we will be getting any more full fighters beyond the 2nd Fighters Pass, because the second pass already seemed like a miracle and this would keep the stacked roster as pretty as it currently is.

Echo Fighters on the other hand? That would be ideal as some extra DLC, either paid or via free updates. And by adding four more Echo Fighters, you would end up with perfect rectangles for both variants of the character select screen. Alternatively, they could also add some additional Mii Fighter types, since those get stacked as well. We had a similar scenario after the launch of the game with three open Echo Fighter slots, but now with the full expansion of the roster there is one more to have...

Of course this doesn't have to mean anything, since the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U also didn't end up in a perfect rectangle. It could finish things like Hyrule Warriors, where they just leave those glaring empty slot(s) as an eternal regret. But before the game is final, we should keep speculating and give Nintendo ideas.

My favorite candidates for filling these gaps would be the following:

  • 14ε Dry Bowser (Bowser)
  • 16ε Impa (Sheik) or 17ε Princess Hilda (Zelda)
  • 36ε Dixie Kong (Diddy Kong)
  • 63ε Jeanne (Bayonetta)

It would be nice to get a new Zelda fighter after all this time, even if it's just an Echo Fighter. Of course the 2nd Fighters Pass might offer one, like from the sequel to Breath of the Wild. But if it doesn't, an Echo Fighter will have to do, where Impa from Skyward Sword and Hilda from A Link Between Worlds seem like the best candidates. Otherwise they could also bring back the Link from Twilight Princess with his Gale Boomerang and Hookshot as an "Echo Fighter" for the current Link, but this would push Jigglypuff to the second row and add a fourth Link to the game.

Dixie Kong currently seems like the most glaring omission in the Nintendo cast and this could be fixed by making her a more interesting Echo Fighter for Diddy. All that really needs to change is her Up Special for the hair twirl. (Though, I certainly wouldn't mind getting a Tropical Freeze Challenger Pack with a fully unique Dixie...)

Finally, Jeanne is such an obvious Echo Fighter candidate, it hurts that this wasn't done already. But maybe they will save this as a promotion for Bayonetta 3, where they could even use Jeanne's design from that game. In the same sense, Impa could also be released as a promotion for Skyward Sword HD. But we've been over this a couple of times now...

It's also possible that one of the upcoming Challenger Packs will come with an Echo Fighter in addition, as an extra. The best example here would be Spring Man with a Ribbon Girl Echo.

So, let's see how this will evolve. Sakurai's team is still working on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate until the end of next year, probably even longer due to the Corona delays. In that time frame it shouldn't be impossible to add a few cheap clone fighters to entertain us and go for the full 90 to really make this the biggest Smash Bros. ever. At least for now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Zelda HD Collection?

Logos of four Zelda HD remasters

This idea has been on the mind of many Zelda fans ever since the Nintendo Switch became a thing: a collection of Zelda HD remasters, which ports both The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD over from the Wii U and adds more to the list.

Ever since the rumors in March that Super Mario could be getting a similar collection this year for its 35th Anniversary, I've been considering the same for Zelda and putting some more thoughts into this. Such a "The Legend of Zelda HD Collection" could come to Switch next year and potentially include the following four titles:

  • The Wind Waker HD
  • Twilight Princess HD
  • Link's Crossbow Training HD
  • Skyward Sword HD

As for The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD, it's only a matter of time before these two HD remasters will be ported to the Switch, just like the rest of the Wii U library. Enough time has passed to not make it feel completely ridiculous for every Wii U owner. And for Nintendo it's easy money, but it also makes sense to bundle them somehow, because we would steep into ports of ports with these titles. There has to be a limit of what Nintendo can sell as a standalone full price title and putting them together wouldn't feel like the cheapest effort of making good money with video games ever, even though they probably would sell just fine on their own...

Additionally, both games made good use of the Wii U GamePad for maps and alike, which would all be lost in the Nintendo Switch versions. So, they might even end up as inferior versions when compared to their Wii U counterparts. But if you put them together on one cartridge, no one can really complain about the value.

And Link's Crossbow Training HD would be a fun bonus for the whole package. It's not a game that you would ever expect to return on its own, where even on the Wii it was just meant as an addition for the Zapper. Here half of the work was already done by Tantalus with the remaster of Twilight Princess, where its assets for the updated graphics could be used to remaster Link's Crossbow Training as well, since the game was pretty much just a mini-game add-on for Twilight Princess, re-using its environments, enemies and so on.

Finally, there's Skyward Sword HD, which always felt like the natural choice for an HD remaster on the Switch with its Joy-Cons and all. In the past I was convinced that this would be released as a standalone title, simply because that's how it was for The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. But there are three good reasons here, why this might change with Skyward Sword...

1) The game is pretty much the anti-thesis to Breath of the Wild, which has become by far the most successful entry in the series. Aonuma even admitted that the starting point for the development were the shortcomings of Skyward Sword with its restricted world and lack of exploration. So, to put focus on such a different 3D Zelda game, which does the complete opposite of the Zelda game that made many people buy a Switch in the first place, might not be the best idea at the moment. But putting this in a collection of various older Zelda titles would easily prevent any wrong impressions.

2) Even if you try to reduce the motion controls of Skyward Sword as much as possible, getting the sword combat to work without the Joy-cons would probably be very difficult or unsatisfying. As a result the game would only be playable with Joy-cons and not in handheld mode, which could be a big reason for people to not buy the game, especially for owners of a Nintendo Switch Lite. But bundled with The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, which both work with traditional controls, these people would still have something to play.

3) The Zelda series has gotten a new brand styling with Breath of the Wild, where everything is made in a flat design. The logos of both Breath of the Wild and Link's Awakening are in plain white against a background, for example. However, for an HD remaster of Skyward Sword this would probably feel odd and not like a good fit. It should keep the logo and menu design of the original, similar to The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD, since it's really just supposed to be a remaster and not a new thing.

A "Zelda HD Collection" could be sold in the new brand styling, however, where the cover and the main menu are in the same style as Breath of the Wild and Link's Awakening, while it keeps the logos and everything else of the HD remasters the way it was. Problem solved.

With all of this in mind, it really feels like a good idea to put these three or four titles all together in one package. It would be an amazing way of celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Zelda, while dodging any complaints that would come with re-releasing these titles on their own for the Nintendo Switch.

No Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask HD?

Well, some fans would probably want the two Nintendo 64 titles as well and you can't blame them, but this would really be too good to be true all at once, which is why they weren't considered for this list.

For making the above collection Nintendo could hire Tantalus again, the studio responsible for remastering Twilight Princess on the Wii U. They could apply their expertise on both Link's Crossbow Training and Skyward Sword, where the latter would already generate enough efforts for this project, and then put everything together.

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the other hand would need full-fledged remakes, something done from scratch again, where this would increase the effort for such a collection significantly. Probably even to the point where Nintendo would need to hire another studio in addition. But GREZZO was already busy with remaking Link's Awakening, where the Oracle games should come next and not the N64 games again.

Remakes of the N64 titles were already done for the Nintendo 3DS by GREZZO in the last decade and doing this yet again might be a little bit too early, both for the developers and for the customers. Nintendo is even still selling New Nintendo 2DS systems and both of the previous remakes. And if Nintendo 64 games get added to Nintendo Switch Online eventually, you will be able to play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the Switch anyway...

Also, keep in mind that we're talking about games here, where each remaster and remake so far has gotten a dedicated standalone release with years of development. Even if the Super Mario HD collection turns out to be true, this still might be a little much to ask from Nintendo's forces. The above vision is already optimistic as it is, so it's best not to expect anything more than that.

And new remakes of the Nintendo 64 games shouldn't be something that's done on the sidelines. They deserve releases on their own, starting with Ocarina of Time, with gorgeous graphics, new features and alike. This is something that I can see happening in the future, but not necessarily on the Switch where such remakes for the GameBoy Color Zelda games should have priority.

Global Collectible?

Let's say such a collection happens, it would be nice if all these games were to offer a collectible that spans all titles. Something to unlock artwork and additional goodies in the main menu, similar to the Credits in the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

This would go hand in hand with the fact that both The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD had special Miiverse features that would be in need of replacement on the Nintendo Switch, since the Miiverse is history now. In case of The Wind Waker HD these were the Tingle Bottles, while Twilight Princess HD had the stamp collection.

It would be a shame, if Tingle wasn't to get something new to replace the Tingle Tuner a second time and if all those chests in Twilight Princess contained a ton of useless Rupees again... So, an idea would be to have something here that lets you unlock things globally in the HD collection.

This could be something simple as scrolls, like "Ocean Scrolls", "Twilight Scrolls" and "Sky Scrolls". They could contain a bit of lore as an extra and would give you access to artworks and other goodies. Maybe additional scrolls could be unlocked via amiibo to also give you stuff from other Zelda games.

With Skyward Sword HD they could even tie this into new features. For example they could expand the sky world a little bit and add more to its islands. Or they could let you go on a full night-time exploration later in the game, where you're hunting for Poes or special Goddess Cubes or something similar, which in return rewards you with the new global collectible.

And in Link's Crossbow Training HD they could add new secret targets throughout all the levels, maybe one per level, which will score you with these scrolls.

In any case it would be nice to have something that spans all games in the collection, as an incentive to play them all.