Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Old Zelda Collection, Part 1

Over the years I usually posted the newest pieces in my Zelda collection, but I never really showed what I got before doing all that. Actually I made the following photos many years ago (in 2007), but I haven't posted them here yet for some reason, though I always wanted to.

My Zelda collection is currently split in half. The newer stuff is in my current apartment and this collection started with the Nintendo DS / Wii days. All my things from the era of GameBoy, Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance and GameCube remains in my old home in Zittau. And the latter you can find in the pictures:

Nothing too special, I know. Sadly I lost the original packages of Link's Awakening DX and Ocarina of Time. Well, I didn't really lose them, they were sealed with ugly stickers and the attempt to remove them failed, so I cut out the logos and pictures...

The best piece here is probably the Twilight Princess soundtrack, which comes with a replica of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. I also got one of the CD-i games, The Faces of Evil, I got this one very cheaply on ebay, so I thought "why not?" ...

I do not own NES or SNES, so I don't got any games for these systems with the exception of the first Zelda game. But I got the NES Zeldas both on the GBA and the GameCube with the Zelda Collector's Edition. The latter I got separately new and sealed for about 30€, I'm still very happy about that deal. :D

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Skullvic said...

awesome collection, hyrule brother!
The gamecube twilight and every box on the gameboy saga, brilliant.
I dont conserve the boxes but i have a interesting collection too.