Monday, August 22, 2016

Nothing on My Nintendo

In April I couldn't wait to finally get the 1000 Platinum Points for the Twilight Princess Picross, but by now I've accumulated over 2000 Points, where I have no idea, what I should do with them. To make things worse, these points expire after six months, so starting from November I will basically hit a maximum of points, where I lose as many points, as I get per week.

Unless of course there's something in the meantime that's worth getting, e.g. another Zelda Picross game. Skyward Sword Picross, The Wind Waker Picross - I don't really care, something. The Twilight Princess Picross is only available until October 1st, so that's where I hope that we'll get the next Zelda Picross installment, basically one per half-year.

But by now I could buy two Zelda Picross games and there doesn't seem to be anything interesting on My Nintendo. I don't care about Miitomo, I haven't even used it yet, so I can't even get the free items. There was this My Nintendo Link HOME menu design that I got for Nintendo 3DS, but I'm not using that either, because I'm very happy with the golden Majora's Mask design. Nothing beats that thing.

Discounts are also lame, especially low discounts on games that don't interest me. And many of the current rewards are tied to Gold Points, where you need to buy other games on the eShop. Usually retail versions of the games are cheaper and you can always re-sell them, so you don't save any money in this system. Interestingly I got ten Gold Coins from buying Majora's Mask on the Wii U Virtual Console. I "only" paid 1.99€, because I already had the game on the Wii Virtual Console, but this discounted purchase still counted towards the 5.00€ to 9.99€ range. But I probably never will be able to use them and I could have 30 Gold Points already, if DLC did count. But it doesn't... So, the only thing that you definitely want to get from the eShop, gets excluded for the rewards program. Thanks, Nintendo.

So far My Nintendo is a giant disappointment. I'm happy with the Twilight Princess Picross and I hope that there will be more like it, but otherwise this thing is a big fad, where Nintendo tries to cut the expenses of the original Club Nintendo and where they try to get more people to invest in the eShop.

But they should try a little harder. They have a vast library of Virtual Console titles that they can use. And don't just give us discounts for them... They could even put the Four Swords Anniversary Edition on there for anyone, who missed it back in the day. But that's probably not happening.

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