Monday, August 8, 2016

The Most Disappointing Secret Grotto in Ocarina of Time

The one in Goron City:

You can see this magma path very early in the game and as new player you might even wonder, how you can get over there. It does take the Longshot and the Song of Time to cross this river of molten rocks unharmed and when you're finally at the other end, all you get is a hole full of Business Scrubs...

Pretty much anything else would have been better, because a lush green cave with Business Scrubs feels a little bit out of place and disappointing after all this trouble. There's a grotto with 200 Rupees in front of the entrance of Goron City that could have been swapped. But the best outcome probably would have been a third cave with special looks, where you fight some enemies for Rupees, e.g. Dodongos.

Now, this is just a minor complaint that always comes up, whenever I replay Ocarina of Time (currently in the Master Quest variant on the Nintendo 3DS, as indicated by the screenshot). And since this annoys me every time, I thought it was worth a small post.

It's not the only disappointing grotto that easily can be ignored, e.g. there are Secret Grottos below grey boulders, which require the Silver Gauntlets, but where you don't really get anything worthwhile in the end. However, the one in Goron City is certainly the worst.

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Eduardo Jencarelli said...

Agreed. Even when I play 100%, I tend to avoid this one. And if I'm playing speedier, this area is off-limits.