Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition Announced

So, three different Zelda 3DS systems weren't enough after all? Well, there's no point to complain about excessiveness by now... we're far past this and I guess you can always place your bet on the Limited Edition hardware for every upcoming Zelda game in the future, including Zelda U.

Technically they didn't even break the rules, which I had defined to keep the release of TriForce Heroes clean, because this is not a bundle for TriForce Heroes. It doesn't come with the game... But it does get released around the same time and it seems somewhat unnecessary nonetheless. The other Limited Editions so far at least offered an upgrade for those, who already got the previous Zelda model. I'm even very happy that I got that Majora's Mask Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, as I pointed out in my last post. But why release this one so soon after? There will always be some fans, who would have preferred this design over the last one and now are unhappy, they didn't wait half a year longer...

As always Nintendo keeps teaching their costumers it's best to wait. Don't buy Nintendo systems until the very last minute, because there always could come a better model. I can't even wonder, if there are any Zelda fans left, who haven't bought a Nintendo 3DS yet and have waited for this model. Because there are. I even got one in the comments earlier.

This is very different from the successful Wii days, there you didn't want to wait to buy the console, you wanted that Wii on day one with Twilight Princess. And you didn't miss out for buying early; in fact later models of the Wii lacked features like GameCube compatibility. And there was no golden Wii coming with Skyward Sword, just a golden Wiimote everyone could enjoy. With the Wii U there are certainly many Zelda fans, who are still waiting for that gold edition next year (and the first real Zelda game for the system of course). And you can bet that they will be happy in the end, not the early adopters.

But so far it looks like this Hyrule Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL will be exclusive to GameStop in the US. If it doesn't come to Europe, I certainly won't try to get my hands on it. If it does though (and I suspect as much), I will probably buy it for my collection. It's not like they lose in value, you can always sell them off later for a better price.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Majora's Mask 3D Bag

With the New Nintendo 3DS XL at hand, I was thinking about doing a System Transfer and turning it into my main system. I wasn't convinced to do so at first, mainly because of two reasons: one was the sharper and brighter screen of the original Nintendo 3DS and the other one was the transportability. However, after replaying A Link Between Worlds on the New 3DS XL I got used to the larger screens to a point, where I didn't want to go back to the small original.

The other problem that remained was the transportability though. I don't mind the size, but I do want to have a nice carrying back to protect the system. But the problem with most 3DS sleeve cases, bags and cases is that they are way too tight. Even the protection case for the original Nintendo 3DS, which I have been using, had one of these rubber bands and it always felt like I would be damaging the system, because it put too much pressure on it.

Now, the solution to the carrying bag problem was this baby:

It's quite large, but it fits all Nintendo DS and 3DS systems very comfortably including a Nintendo 2DS or my New Nintendo 3DS XL. It simply uses a big net, which safely holds the system without any pressure. There's holding space to put some 3DS cartridges in there and it visually fits the Majora's Mask Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL very well.

So, I did a System Transfer by now and I've been using the New Nintendo 3DS XL as my main system for three weeks now without any regrets, I even took it to the ZeldaEurope fan meeting, which lasted an entire week. I'm happy that I upgraded, so after all the excessive purchase of the new system was worth it. And my classic Nintendo 3DS served me well for 3.5 years and I will still be using it for fake StreetPassing myself and probably playing TriForce Heroes.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Old Zelda Collection, Part 2

While the previous post was more extensive, this will be a short one. I took these photos in 2010, while I started my blog in 2008. So, there isn't much, which I haven't shown yet. It's simply my Zelda games for the Nintendo DS and the early Wii era, as well as some merchandise for the Nintendo DS Zelda games:

My Old Zelda Collection, Part 1

Over the years I usually posted the newest pieces in my Zelda collection, but I never really showed what I got before doing all that. Actually I made the following photos many years ago (in 2007), but I haven't posted them here yet for some reason, though I always wanted to.

My Zelda collection is currently split in half. The newer stuff is in my current apartment and this collection started with the Nintendo DS / Wii days. All my things from the era of GameBoy, Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance and GameCube remains in my old home in Zittau. And the latter you can find in the pictures:

Nothing too special, I know. Sadly I lost the original packages of Link's Awakening DX and Ocarina of Time. Well, I didn't really lose them, they were sealed with ugly stickers and the attempt to remove them failed, so I cut out the logos and pictures...

The best piece here is probably the Twilight Princess soundtrack, which comes with a replica of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. I also got one of the CD-i games, The Faces of Evil, I got this one very cheaply on ebay, so I thought "why not?" ...

I do not own NES or SNES, so I don't got any games for these systems with the exception of the first Zelda game. But I got the NES Zeldas both on the GBA and the GameCube with the Zelda Collector's Edition. The latter I got separately new and sealed for about 30€, I'm still very happy about that deal. :D

2016 Zelda Calender

Nothing too special, pretty much the same (lame) design as the previous two years. I do like the selection of pictures better than with the 2015 one, interestingly enough they also got a more spooky artwork for October again, but overall it's just lazy. Nothing from Hyrule Warriors, nothing from any classic games, while The Wind Waker HD gets featured three times for some reason...

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Ultimate Zelda?

On ZeldaEurope we have some rumors about Zelda U going on from an "inside source". Some of the stuff sounds more like wishful thinking and other things appear to be quite obvious to come up with, but from what I've seen the source seems to be very believable. (Update: in fact after some back and forth with the guys I have no reason to doubt it and those are probably the most solid rumors I've seen in all these years. Not that any of this gives away anything specific, but it's still nice to get something about Zelda U in all this silence.) However, you should still take it with a grain of salt, while I try to write a summary:

Fake or not, what caught my attention was the general approach of creating a Zelda game, where they would bring together the best gameplay ideas from past Zelda games, instead of focusing on a specific new idea, all in a large world, which combines many aspects from past games as well. After Skyward Sword I had this fantasy about a "perfect Zelda" going through my mind. It was mainly based on the world of Zelda II, which is a lot larger than the worlds in any other Zelda game. So, you get a world in a much more massive scale, where you ride on a horse and visit many different towns. But one third of the world would be also an ocean, where you travel by boat. Later you could also fly around. And you also would have had access to other kingdoms like Holodrum and Labrynna, the ability to change seasons like in Oracle of Seasons, a gigantic main dungeon like in Spirit Tracks, and many other things and connections from past games, all coming together in one giant, epic, open-world Zelda adventure. But I never really shared these ideas, because they were out of scope...

In a sense they already tried this on a smaller scale with Skyward Sword, which had easter eggs and connections to most of the previous Zelda games, even some bigger gameplay stuff like the boat part in Lanayru Sand Sea, which worked like in Phantom Hourglass. But overall the game focused too much on the motion controls, the story became a mess and they came into linearity deadlocks with those level-like overworld sections.

Zelda U doesn't seem to struggle with these things, but it appears that they are back at the "empty world" problem, which they also had with the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. In that sense it's a good thing that they take their time and maybe my fantasy from three years ago might come true. Still, I don't want to get too excited, which is why I will put my focus on Hyrule Warriors, TriForce Heroes and replaying past games, until Zelda U comes closer and we know more for sure.

But in general the Zelda series needs the next big thing after Ocarina of Time. All the game ever since were based on experiments. Very different art styles, motion controls, Link as a wolf, Link on a train, multiplayer Zelda, etc. This kept things fresh and turned the Zelda series into the most versatile gaming series there is, but it also never came to a big leap forward, a game that really defines an entire generation like Ocarina of Time did.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Golden Classic Controller Pro

This is the newest hardware piece in my collection:

It's actually from a bundle with the Wii game Goldeneye 007, but it's still an official Nintendo product and matches the color of the golden Wiimote, which came with Skyward Sword, perfectly. They look really nice together.

Some ebay sellers offer the controller without the game, so I decided to get one. ZeldaEurope user Wyrule Harrior gave me the idea and it was certainly a good one. I will use this controller for whenever I play Zelda games on the Virtual Console, like the freshly released Ocarina of Time. I even tried this today, though you really have to get used to the low framerate again after playing the 3DS remakes.

I also would like to get my hands on the golden Nunchuk, which they had in Japan's Club Nintendo. I was always saving stars, if they ever would offer it in Europe, but now it's too late for that, because I already invested all my stars.

But that's the kind of hardware bundles I wouldn't mind to see more often. Some extra stuff. Like they could have sold Hyrule Warriors with a Limited Edition Pro Controller, which has golden emblems similar to the Wind Waker edition GamePad. I would have liked that. But instead we got a scarf and Nintendo tries selling Zelda fans Nintendo 3DS systems over and over again.