Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Double Helix Sword Tiers

In addition to the mask costumes, crediar also revealed the tiers of Young Link's and Tingle's weapons.

The big surprise is that Young Link actually doesn't have the three different tiers for the Kokiri Sword, but the Fierce Deity gets three different swords:

Makes me wonder, why they are using Young Link in the first place. On the one hand I'm glad that the Fierce Deity seems to be more important than expected, on the other hand having the Razor Sword and the Gilded Sword would have made a lot of sense, unless you compare the Fierce Deity to Epona or the Great Fairy and the Kokiri Sword would be its own weapon in the sequel. But still... the Great Fairy's Sword would have been a much better fit, since it's actually a two-handed sword and it doesn't miss any sword upgrades.

And Young Link feels kind of pointless... but let's see, how this combination plays out in two days to reserve judgement.

About Tingle... he gets three Balloons based on his spin-off games:

Those would be Tingle's Balloon Fight, Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love and Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland respectively. That's certainly a nice idea.

Hyrule Warriors: All Mask Costumes Revealed

crediar did it again. He somehow got his hands on the 1.5 update data already and revealed all 16 mask costumes on GameFAQs with many surprises:

  • Link: Fierce Deity
  • Impa: Mask of Truth
  • Sheik: Kafei's Mask
  • Lana: Deku Mask
  • Zelda: Bunny Hood
  • Ganondorf: Odolwa's Remains
  • Agitha: Don Gero's Mask
  • Midna: Ordon Shield
  • Zant: Circus Leader's Mask
  • Fi: Stone Mask
  • Ghirahim: Kamaro's Mask
  • Cia: Majora's Mask
  • Volga: Giant's Mask
  • Wizzro: Captain's Hat

Man, I didn't get a single mask right... what is it with me and predictions about the game? :D But to be fair, some of these choices are really confusing. For example the Giant's Mask would have been a perfect fit for Zant... However, at least with Midna I thought about the Ordon Shield, but I didn't think they would actually give it her, since I was too focused on the masks in Majora's Mask.

The awesome news is that Link actually gets a full Fierce Deity Link costume. They basically just reused the model from Young Link's moveset and gave it to Link:

So, Fierce Deity Link is both playable (in some way) and a fully fledged costume (instead of being a simple reskin), which is awesome. In that sense I also hope that the Goron Mask changes Darunia into Goron Link with the hat, pants and everything. If that's the case, I got all my costume wishes fulfilled. (Update: of course it's not the case, they all just wear the masks and that's it.)

Well, all but one... Wizzro not getting a Garo costume is a shame. But whatever... I also like that they gave Majora's Mask to Cia. It fits her whipping moveset and also the fact that Lana has the Skull Kid costume. Again they represent two sides of the same being.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: No DLCs after the Hero of Hyrule Set

I already expected as much and now it's semi-official, but the Community Manager of KOEI TECMO Europe confirmed via Twitter that there won't be any more DLC for Hyrule Warriors:

HW DLC project had all been final and done a while ago the Dev team is now on new projects

But this makes sense, since it all looks very final to me. With the Majora's Mask Pack and the update to version 1.5 all characters will most likely reach the maximum of 45 Heart Containers. The third row of hearts already got squeezed in for the DLC, so I doubted that there would ever be a fourth row. All original weapons with the exception of the Master Sword are getting an 8-Bit version. The Rewards Map will be finalized. It simply looks complete now and with hundreds of hours of play time no one can complain that this game didn't offer enough to do.

Maybe it was lackluster in variety though. The DLC added new characters, weapons, costumes and Adventure Maps, however, the new missions are all based on the original game's content. There were no new stages, no new troops, no new captains, no new giant bosses, etc. It already felt like only half of the development team was working on the DLC.

Of course they always could add more weapons, characters and costumes, since those are completely separate, but characters are more fun, if you actually have goals for them other than leveling up. And I got my Ocarina of Time costumes for Shiek and Impa, so from my end there's no real need for additional costume packs, though I probably wouldn't mind.

And I would not underestimate the final update. Well, the two new gametypes in the Boss / Ganon pack most likely won't be anything major, since the pack is very cheap. I suspect that it will include a Survival Mode and/or maybe a Boss Battle mode. But it should be something, where you really want to have maxed out characters to get best scores. Something, where all those 45 Heart Containers really matter (they never do in Adventure Mode thanks to the A ranks).

As a reward they could give you the Dark costumes for everyone, including Link (in case you didn't get the Hero of Hyrule set). So, there's an incentive to play the new game modes with every single character, maybe even the DLC ones. Maybe the 2nd game mode gives you the fake / ghost / Wizzro imposter costumes for everyone. The game only shows you Fake Lana and Fake Zelda, but it's probably just a simple filter that can be used on every default model, much like the Dark costumes.

And I suspect that the last update will finally offer more free challenges in Challenge Mode. It makes the most sense here, because this is the point, where you have the maxed out characters to take on some challenges.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Mask Costume Predictions

I decided to split this from my previous post, since I was having some new ideas about this.

So, take a look again at the screenshot of the 8-Bit Fairy:

If you pay close attention to Impa in the lower right corner, you can see her wearing the Mask of Truth! Those are probably the new unlockables on the Termina Adventure Map. This would even explain, why Darunia and Ruto already got Majora's Mask themed recolors on the Master Quest map.

Well, I had this idea a while ago that the characters could get masks as potential costumes. However, there's the problem that you could basically combine the mask with each costume or at least each default costume, like it's done with Cia.

It would be awesome, if it's a separate option entirely. Like pressing Y in the costume selection brings up the mask and it works with all costumes. But I doubt that they went through this kind of trouble. So, it's probably just going to be the very default costume, which gets a mask variant. If we're lucky, all color variants get the mask as well, but this would basically double the amounts of costumes for most characters.

Well, let's think about, what masks could go to what character:

  • Link: Kafei's Mask
  • Impa: Mask of Truth
  • Sheik: Gibdo's Mask
  • Lana: Postman's Hat or Keaton Mask??
  • Zelda: Bremen Mask??
  • Ganondorf: Mask of Scents
  • Darunia: Don Gero's Mask
  • Ruto: Couple's Mask
  • Agitha: Bunny Hood or Romani's Mask??
  • Midna: Stone Mask or Captain's Hat??
  • Zant: Giant's Mask
  • Fi: Kamaro's Mask??
  • Ghirahim: All-Night Mask??
  • Cia: Bunny Hood??
  • Volga: Blast Mask
  • Wizzro: Garo's Mask

Some of these are just wild guesses, others are more meaningful. I marked those, where I'm not exactly sure, with question marks. You might exclude the Keaton Mask and the Postman's Hat, since those are already featured in some other way throughout the game. And maybe the same applies to the Great Fairy's Mask, since there's already the Great Fairy. Majora's Mask might be also off limits, though it would be cool to have it on Midna. And I didn't include the four transformation masks and the four boss remains. That leaves 17 masks for a total of 16 characters. So, basically all but one mask could get featured in this game. The missing one is will probably be the Circus Leader's Mask, because why would you want to make any character look like Gorman?

First of all: Cia. She needs the Bunny Hood. It would look so awesome on her and it's the one mask, which wouldn't get in the way with her normal mask. Of course the Bunny Hood would also be great for Agitha, Zelda or Lana, but Cia's regular mask kind of prevents her from having most of the masks in the game. Unless of course they make it so that only her hatless version gets a mask. In that case she could wear anything, but I still would prefer the Bunny Hood for her, since she would wear that to make herself look cute for Link. :D

The Mask of Scents would be a nice fit for Ganondorf, since it makes him look like pig Ganon. I thought about the Bremen Mask for Zelda, because it would be a nod to the Valkyrie outfit that they had planned for her and maybe even to Loftwings. Sheik gets the Gibdo's Mask because of the bandages. And many wanted a Kafei costume for Link, so I guess that's a good fit. Also, since Kafei is one of the few characters, which the player could control in the main series.

I was thinking about giving Darunia and Ruto the Goron and Zora Masks, but this would be too silly. However, the Don Gero's Mask was originally used by a Goron, so that's a good fit for Darunia. And Ruto could get the Couple's Mask, since she's Link's fiancee.

For Zant the Giant's Mask is the perfect fit. It's very similar to his normal helmet and could simply replace it. And it fits his fighting style very well, where turns into a giant. I'm not sure about Midna though. She could have the Stone Mask, because it reflects, how she can be just a shadow. It also looks similar to the Ordon Shield, which she wore as a mask in Twilight Princess. She could also get the Captain's Hat, if it replaces the Fused Shadow. It could also be a reference to how she commands Stalchilds early in Legend Mode.

Agitha and Lana are also big question marks. Both could have the Bunny Hood, but the Romani's Mask could also work for both of them. Romani always called Link "Grasshopper", which could be related to Agitha, and for Lana it would go along well with Cuccos. But Cia I could only imagine with the Bunny Hood and maybe with the Bremen Mask, but nothing much else. Lana on the other hand could also work with the Keaton Mask or the Postman's Hat, even though I excluded them earlier. But it would allow a partner look for her and (Young) Link.

Looking at Agitha her headband already has a similar shape to the Bunny Hood, so it's actually likely that she will get that one...

I gave Kamaro's Mask to Fi because of all the dancing she does. I'm not sure about Ghirahim... he could have the All-Night Mask though, since it fits his style very nice. Volga is good fit for the Blast Mask, since he likes to go boom.

And I wanted a Garo costume for Wizzro for a while now, so you could just have the Garo's Mask replacing his head. If they also recolor the rest of the costume in brown, I would essentially get the Garo costume that I wanted. Maybe some other mask costumes will also result in recolors. In that case it really will be just one costume and not mask variants for all costumes.

Hyrule Warriors: Faces of Evil / Wand of Gamelon DLC

Check this out.

Way too glorious. Love the humor. Very close to the Tingle DLC. :D

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Version 1.5 Info

In the past I had some ideas for more quality of life improvements in Hyrule Warriors and it looks like Koei Tecmo actually has taken on some of them according to their update page (see Koei Wiki for an English translation).

You can now delete skills in the smithy and also sell weapons, whenever you want. That's both awesome. There's also a new option to "check skills", though I'm not sure what this means. If it's an option to check what's below a weapon seal, then this would be helpful.

It still would be nice, if you could buy stars and additional slots and pay for seals, but the ability to delete skills is very welcome and should help with crafting good weapons. I have quite some weapons, which are near perfect, but have some useless skills on them. However, the thing I still want the most is the option to pay for seals, because unlocking them is getting very tiring.

However, they also increased the level cap yet again, so I will most likely unlock lots of seals anyway, while grinding the characters to the new maximum. Getting to Level 150 was already slow and boring, since you tend to repeat the same missions (like "Rack Up You KO Count 11 and 12" or "Divisive Plan 7 to 9") again and again, since they are the most efficient. But maybe there are also some new options to level up faster.

They improved the Adventure Mode so that it tells you, how much damage is left in percentage to the next rank. And you also have the option now to restart a mission, whenever you want. Both very useful additions. So far you had to keep track of your damage yourself and if you wanted to restart without loading the map, you had to kill yourself. If they now also add the ability to make saves like in Legend Mode, it would be perfect.

New potions get added. By now I don't really need a Materials+ potion anymore, but a Defense and/or Attack mixture would be awesome. Since I got 999 of Fi's Boots from leveling Darkness characters, I wouldn't even mind, if they'd use silver materials. But the game still needs Kokiri Tunic badges to increase defense on missions without any recommended element. That always has been an oversight and missions with recommended elements can be a real problem.

But I really hope that the new level cap doesn't mean that the Moon Map is going to be even harder... it would be nice to play the game normally again, instead of abusing the Power-up Bow all the time, just because every little scratch can cost you the A rank.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: 8-Bit Recorder and Portal

crediar has found the last remaining 8-Bit weapons:

They replace the Baton and the Portal, as I suspected. This also means that it really might be the case that the new Adventure Map for Majora's Mask somehow has more to it than first visible. There's definitely more than just five weapons and we will most likely get 16 costumes again. Maybe the moon hides the red zones in the top left corner or there really is like a small Moon Map.