Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Boss Pack & Version 1.6 - First Impressions

Loading times back to normal, baby! That's probably the best thing of the update.

As I had expected, 255 will be the final maximum level. Called it! It's basically another small 8-Bit reference, since 255 is the highest number you can get with 8-Bits. With that it was also the maximum number of Rupees in The Legend of Zelda (NES).

I'm a little bit disappointed with the new potions. They should be really helpful with both the Boss Rush mission and the new Boss Challenge. But I was hoping for a defense potion and also for new potions using silver materials, because I got so many by now, while my bronze materials get used up a lot by now. However, with the new anti boss mixture I was finally able to A rank the Boss Rush. Good thing that I have waited for the last update. :D

The rest is pretty much a major expansion of the Challenge Mode, which they added in version 1.2, but then neglected. The new game modes from the Boss Pack actually a part of the Challenge Mode, which now has three categories: Battle Challenges (the free ones), Boss Challenges and Ganon's Fury. They added two cheap alibi challenges for free to the old challenge mode, one "Rack Up Your K.O. Count" and one "Defeat 800 Enemies in 10 Minutes" mission taken from Adventure Mode. The original challenge mission was a lot more interesting and even used unique game mechanics, so it's kind of sad that they didn't have any better ideas.

I was hoping that A ranking all three challenges with one character would unlock the dark costume for the character. But that doesn't seem to be the case, which is a shame. I don't see a reason, why they shouldn't let us have all the dark costumes. And yes, they should be for free, since they were included in the original game. But right now you're only A ranking the challenges for the sake of A ranking, which is a little boring.

And it appears that the new color costumes are based on the bosses. Lana has one based on King Dodongo and Cia one on the green Manhandla. So, Cia basically got another green costume instead of a red one, as I was hoping. But at least the new green costumes looks better than the old one... And Zelda got another costume with black hair, instead of giving her red hair for once. Oh, well.

The Ganon Challenges seem to be quite interesting and crazy. He plays very different from the normal characters, which is why he isn't part of the roster. Instead of the usual bomb, bow, boomerang and hookshot items you collect the individual boss attacks, like King Dodongo's fireball.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Majora's Mask 3D Collector's Guide

As usual I also got the Prima Collector's Edition guide for Majora's Mask 3D. This is the first one, which doesn't have the Hylia emblem on the front, but Majora's Mask instead:

The gilded pages are not sticky for the first time, which is nice. Pages also seem to be thinner than usual. It has the same number of pages as the guide for The Wind Waker HD, but it's a lot thinner. Also, the lettering on the book's spine is slightly crooked. I heard that several copies have the same issue, so this is a bigger production flaw. But it's only noticeable, if you put it beside the other guides in your bookshelf.

The extra also seems somewhat cheaper this time around. In the past we had cloth maps, poster maps and bookmarks. The A Link Between Worlds guide had this beautiful lithograph. This one... well, this one got stickers:

They remind me of a set of old Club Nintendo stickers I got for Ocarina of Time, which also went for some darker foes. I put a Redead on my graphical calculator for school and Poe sticker on my semi-transparent purple Nintendo 64, which both still looks awesome. So, it brings back some memories and I kind of like them, but those should have been in addition to some nice Termina cloth map, instead of being the main extra.

Content wise the guide is flawed as always. I really disagree on when they do certain sidequests. For example they wait with the Swamp Spider House until they get the Hookshot. Of course many players do the same, but you can actually beat the Swamp Spider House even before entering Woodfall Temple. You don't even need the bow! And the guide should guide you through things as early as possible and go for the intended solutions.

The guide is also lacking with the new content. It doesn't have a map of the new Zora labyrinth on the moon and the new Fishing Holes, but it does have a map for absolutely everything else. And there's only very little on fishing. They added a simple check list for the fish, which doesn't even seem all that accurate or helpful.

But as usual this is not about the content, but the collection value. I wonder, if they will release another Zelda Box in a couple of years. We already got two collector guides, which are not part of the first box: A Link Between Worlds and this one. Add Zelda U later this year and we will have three. Four, if they also use the Hyrule Warriors one and give it a new cover. So, calling it now that there will be a 2nd Zelda Box with the guides from A Link Between Worlds and later around 2017.

Majora's Mask 3D Fishing Journal, Entry 2

By now I managed to catch all fish at the Swamp Fishing Hole. So, I got a Cuccofish, a Ferocious Pirarucu and a Colossal Catfish to complete my collection. It appears that catching more fish makes the appearance of rare fish more likely. I kept fishing for a while at Day 1 and 2 in the Swamp. It wasn't that many fish, maybe 10 or so. But before I never had seen a Ferocious Pirarucu, while they now kept appearing at Day 3.

I didn't spot another Chapu-Chapu though. That one still creeps me out, because at the time I didn't know anything about boss fishes and I just caught it casually with a Deku, which took many ingame hours. But the way it sits there in the cave with its large staring eyes... creepy. I hear rumors that you have to empty an entire pond to make the bosses appear, but this is not true and I'm pretty sure I never did that before catching Chapu-Chapu. I also heard that it's actually not about the number of fish you catch, you only have to do one long fishing session, which goes on for several ingame hours.

On the Ocean Fishing Hole I also managed to get a Savage Shark, which wasn't actually too hard. So, the only fish remaining is the biggest boss, the Great Fairy Fish. But so far I didn't have any luck. I couldn't even spot one despite exiting and entering the fishing hole many times. And even if you spot one, there's a very good chance that there are no Fairy Fish around. They could have at least make it so that the Great Fairy Fish always spawns together with Fairy Fishes, but no... and playing the random game is not much fun.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Majora's Mask 3D: 3rd Spider House Ideas

So, Majora's Mask 3D is done. And as the 3D remakes before, it reeks of missed opportunities. I already gave a big list of ideas in past and some of the wishes in that post and its comments became a reality, even if it's just the smaller things.

One of my favorite ideas from that list is the third Skulltula house and I still feel like this would have been a great addition, because the Spider Houses always have been one of my favorite parts of the game. They are very atmospheric minidungeons, where you constantly feel rewarded and awesome. A third Skulltula house should have 40 Golden Skulltulas to collect to increase the total number of Golden Skulltulas to the classic 100.

And I would probably place it in the Snowhead region for two reasons. One is that Snowhead is the only of the four temple areas, where you don't find an optional minidungeon. The swamp has a Spider House, the ocean has another Spider House and then there's the Secret Shrine of Ikana. But Snowhead didn't get anything.

Now the second reason is that it always bugged me, how the Mountain Village is called a village, while there's only really one building there, the smithy...

They could have added a second building somewhere around here, acting as an entrance to the new Skulltula house, which probably would have been a nice addition.

The Spider House itself would focus on using the Goron, as well as Skulltulas hidden under snow, ice and rocks. Similar to the Swamp Spider House you can already beat it before the temple, which will give you more of a "challenge", where you have to manage Hot Spring Water. But the Fire Arrows then make things a lot easier, as soon as you get them.

The only real problem would be the reward. In the past I opted for the Shard of Agony, but they gave this function to the Mask of Truth, which was a very smart move and makes a lot of sense. I support giving existing masks new purposes and utilities over mindlessly adding new masks, though having both would be fine as well. They could always add a bigger wallet, but they Ocean Spider House already gives you that, so that would be a boring reward...

If you have any good ideas for rewards, let me know in the comments! I might also update the post later on.

Majora's Mask 3D Fishing Journal, Entry 1

This will just be a short update on what I have achieved so far. I mostly played the Ocean Fishing Hole and got all regular fish there, as well as one boss fish, the Grand Swordfish. I caught one on the third day using Fierce Deity Link, but you can also use Goron Link. He was quite annoying, because he kept moving around and despite his size he was very hard to see in the murky waters. So, I kept losing track of him and had to search for him under water using Zora Link. Not much fun.

He also broke the line once, when I tried to move him out of the water on one of these pillars, which didn't go too well. It's best to wait for them to jump and then try to move them on land.

Someone asked me in the comments to give some tips about fishing, but to be honest, I don't really know, what I'm doing. It seems to be a lot easier than in Ocarina of Time, where I constantly had the issue of fish breaking lose. But in general I'm just holding A and keep moving the slide pad left or right, depending on where the fish goes. You want to hear the fast reeling sound. Whenever the fish jumps out of the water, I press forward. I don't know, if this is required, but I think it was the same in Twilight Princess, so I just keep doing it. I never have any problem with the small fishes and even the Swordfish went in relatively quickly, so I must be doing something right. But sorry, if I'm not of much help here. But the real fault probably lies at the game, because it never really explains how to catch fish properly.

Well, these are the fish, which I have yet to catch:

  • Cuccofish
  • Ferocious Pirarucu
  • Colossal Catfish
  • Savage Shark
  • Great Fairy Fish

So, it's mostly the boss fishes and one regular fish. Though the Cucco Fish seems kind of rare, since I still haven't found one yet. It's also my major issue with the fishing game: it's all random. You leave the fishing place, you enter through the door again. You check whatever fishes there are. Repeat until you find a new one. There should have been a slightly better solution.

But my main goal is to catch one of each type. I don't really care too much about records, especially since the sizes seem to be messed up between all languages. But in general I really like that this minigame gives more uses to certain masks, that's probably the best part of it. That and they did a great job with putting the fishing places into the world.

Hyrule Warriors: Boss Pack Recolors

So, the upcoming DLC pack will include five more costumes: one recolor for Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Lana and Cia. And this is pretty nice, since there were still some recolors that I would like to see, especially a red costume for both Lana and Cia, so that they have one color for each of the three goddesses.

For Link and Zelda I was thinking that they could give them classic NES colors. So, Zelda would have red hair and a red dress or just a red dress, which might look really good. But lots of reds with these costumes. And Link getting a classic NES color palette would pretty much give him all of his Super Smash Bros. skins with the exception of the Skyloft one. Well, Toon Link got the NES skin, not the normal Link, but still...

Ganondorf could have Ganon's colors. Or maybe also Ganon NES colors. I'm not too excited about him.

  • Link: NES Colors
  • Zelda: NES Colors
  • Ganondorf: Ganon Colors
  • Lana: Red Colors
  • Cia: Red Colors

This is all speculation and we'll see the actual costumes in three days, unless they are really hard to unlock, which I don't hope. Usually on the Adventure Maps the costumes never required A ranks, so I hope they won't let you struggle too much and have the game modes more for the fun of it and for scoring records.

I could also imagine them adding a medal for collecting all color swap and mask costumes, similar to the medal, where you have to collect all 8-Bit weapons.

And it would be still awesome, if we could unlock the dark versions of everyone... but maybe in the updated challenge mode. It would make sense. Since those skins were already part of the main game, Koei shouldn't charge people for them. And you can unlock the costumes for your DLC characters (Twili Midna, Young Link and Tingle) without buying more DLC.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mask of Truth Replaces Shard of Agony in Majora's Mask 3D

I didn't know this yet, but they made it so that the Mask of Truth shows you the location of hidden holes:

There were only two holes, which you have to open with bombs, but it's nice that they didn't just cut this feature out alltogether. It fits the Mask of Truth perfectly and now I want to run around with this mask looking for other hidden holes, I might have missed... :D

Of course there also goes my idea of the Shard of Agony being an additional reward, but this is also a good solution.