Friday, November 21, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Level Increase and new Potions


You can go past Level 99 in version 1.4. All my characters are on Level 99, so this is a welcome addition. Also, good thing I haven't bothered with A ranking Boss Rush yet. I was secretly hoping that something would be coming that might make this level easier and looks like I'm in luck. If you could kill the bosses in one strike each, this level would be a lot more enjoyable. With Cia I can get it done under 15 minutes, because she's awesome, but it involves a lot of luck having the bosses in positions, where it's not total madness. You get hit by Manhandla one time and the A rank is gone.

And I hope the new potions will include a Materials+ potion. I will be using this all the time and then finally there will be a good use for all the materials, which I have collected. You can even go past 99 units per material now.

Man... I really felt like this game was about to be done, but it's quite the opposite...! Koei Tecmo will keep this baby alive for a while. And there goes all my free time. :D

But this explains, why there are Heart Pieces on the Adventure Map. With new levels every character gets a couple of new Heart Containers.

Hyrule Warriors: Twilight Princess Adventure Map, Dominion Rod

So, Zelda's really getting the Dominion Rod. Nice fit. It looks like a light element weapon though and so far no Phantoms involved, but I guess that each combo might result in a different statue. She's also getting an Ilia costume, which looks creepy. I would have preferred a Rutela costume for Ruto, since she could use some more attention, but whatever...

Now let's take a look at the new Adventure Map:

This looks really interesting. Completely new item cards, Twilight zones and more. And less space. It's "only" 93 missions in total to be accurate. And there only seem to be six new weapon upgrades. I suppose the Dominion Rod tiers might just be available randomly like with Epona. But for Twili Midna's Mirror it could make sense to be upgraded via the Adventure Map, since her Heart Containers and Heart Pieces should also be there. But then we would only get four new 8-Bit weapons.

Talking about Heart Pieces ... there's a new one for Midna, the Imp Midna, not the new one. This is very interesting, because this could mean that each character is getting four new Heart Pieces. Considering that this map is quite smaller than before, you wonder, if everyone really gets five new Heart Containers in total on this map. If not... this would mean that they might plan even more DLC in the future, because I suppose that the last line of hearts will be completed at the end of the DLC for everyone. (Update: You can go past Level 99 now, which is why there are only Heart Pieces.)

But here's Ganondorf's new costume and 8-Bit weapon:

It makes sense for him to have the keys, because they match his asymmetrical sword style. And the costume makes him look even more like Demise, I like it. Too bad it doesn't seem like we're getting the dark costumes here. I really wanted that Dark Agitha. But I still think that.

There are these weird red and green Twilight Orbs / Portals. I suppose these hide the costumes, which means that there are 14 costumes in total.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: New Weapon for Zelda Incoming!

One Facebook Nintendo revealed that Zelda's getting a new weapon in the upcoming Twilight Princess DLC next week. Nice thing that they didn't make this an exclusive amiibo weapon, haha.

Since this is a Twilight Princess pack, I already had the idea of the Dominion Rod for her. You can even expand this idea by controlling different Phantoms from Spirit Tracks, which would be a nice reference to that game and to her new move in Smash. And this would most likely give her a fire type weapon, if it involves Fire Phantoms.

Another possibility would be the Ice Rod. While not being from Twilight Princess, it would create a nice water type weapon and the water element hasn't seen a new weapon yet.

There's also a new picture of Twili Midna:

I kind of dislike that they reused the Shadow Wolfs from Imp Midna here, but it looks kind of cool. It's probably one of her specials.

Also, Link is getting a Postman costume! Very nice choice. I was thinking about the Hero's Shade, but he's still a potential character in my eyes and wouldn't have worked well as a costume, since costumes don't change the sound. And the Postman wouldn't be a fighter, so a costume for Link is a nice touch. I could even imagine Link becoming a postman in a Zelda game.

I wonder what the other costume could be, if it has any relation to Twilight Princess... I can only come up with more costumes for Link, like his Ordon clothes, the Zora Armor or the Magic Armor. But maybe it's a Rutela costume for Ruto. That could be beautiful.

And the Adventure Map is going to be Twilight Princess themed. So, there goes the idea of having the dungeons, I guess... unless they meant that the missions will focus on Twilight Princess and even offer new stages from this game like the Snowpeak Ruins. Which I still hope is the case, despite the lack of Yeto. And I wouldn't mind getting a completely original Adventure Map.

I'm really excited for all of this. Too bad Smash Bros. 4 for Wii comes out one day later, so I won't find much time to play the new Smash... :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Star / 8-Bit Weapon Speculation

As joke weapons in Hyrule Warriors they went for gigantic 3D voxel weapons based on the 8-Bit items from The Legend of Zelda (NES). This is what we got so far:
  • Link's Sword: 8-Bit Wooden Sword
  • Link's Magic Rod: 8-Bit Candle
  • Impa's Giant Blade: 8-Bit Boomerang
  • Sheik's Harp: 8-Bit Stepladder
  • Lana's Book: 8-Bit Book of Magic
  • Zelda's Rapier: 8-Bit White Sword
  • Fi's Goddess Sword: 8-Bit Silver Arrow
  • Ghirahim's Demon Blade: 8-Bit Arrow

There's even more. If you play Network Link battles, you can already spot certain characters with additional 8-Bit weapons, which aren't unlockable yet. This includes what appears to be the Red Ring for Midna, another 8-Bit Ring for Wizzro and even some 8-Bit Parasol for Agitha. I've yet to see them myself, so I can't clearly tell. But I suppose, some of these might be unlockable on the next Adventure Map and maybe in the end everyone will get at least one 8-Bit weapon.

Let's think about what other items from The Legend of Zelda could act as potential star weapons in Hyrule Warriors, just for fun ... here are some of my ideas:

  • Zelda's Baton: 8-Bit Recorder
  • Ganondorf's Great Swords: 8-Bit Magical Swords
  • Darunia's Hammer: 8-Bit Hammer (from Zelda II)
  • Ruto's Zora Scale: 8-Bit Food
  • Zant's Scimitars: 8-Bit Magical Boomerangs
  • Cia's Scepter: 8-Bit Magic Rod
  • Volga's Dragon Spear: 8-Bit Magical Key
  • Twili Midna's Mirror: 8-Bit Compass
  • Tingle's Balloon: 8-Bit Fairy

Some of this I could easily see happening. Other stuff might be too weird. Darunia for example is a tough choice, but I could see him smashing things with a Raft on a stick, because that's probably the heaviest item in the classic 8-Bit arsenal. Or they simply give him the Hammer from Adventure of Link.

I'd love the Food for Ruto, since it was basically the bait item of the first game. Giving this to a fish woman would have some irony. And Ganondorf certainly needs the Magic Sword, so each of the three main characters have one of the classic swords each. Since there are even different sprites fort he Magical Sword, he could use both of them for his weapons.

If Tingle is really in the game, giving him the classic 8-Bit Fairy as his balloon would be fitting, don't you think? The 8-Bit Heart Container also could act as a mask for Skull Kid, if he's in, since Majora's Mask had the shape of an heart.

I had some other ideas in the past for what could act as potential star weapons. Like the Skull Hammer for Darunia, the Bug Catching Net for Agitha or the Great Fairy's Sword for Impa. But with the exception of the Bug Catching Net those would be serious alternatives and not some joke weapons. I also had the idea of 16-Bit weapons like the Magic Hammer for Darunia or the Magic Mirror for Twili Midna. But all of that might be material for a sequel and for the first game they probably keep the theme of 8-Bit weapons.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twili Midna announced for Hyrule Warriors

BAM! There she is!

There's absolutely no arguing that she was the frontmost important thing to be added to the game, right after the unplayable villain trio. The only question was, will she be a character on her own or a weapon for the existing Midna? Since they showed a 2nd weapon for Midna at E3, many (including myself) speculated that Midna's true form would be used for this weapon.

Now later it got revealed that her 2nd weapon was called "Hair" and it's likely that it got scrapped alltogether. It just makes more sense for her to be her own character, since she has a different model, which would have different costumes than Imp Midna. So, Imp Midna is most likely going to stay as an one weapon character.

I don't know, why I thought otherwise, since I always advocated that Fierce Deity Link should be his own character and not just a weapon for Link. Also, this is the only way to get a beautiful character art into the character select menu, because weapons don't add that. And it would have been a shame to miss that beautiful face.

I guess, the main reason, why people wanted her to be the weapon and not the character, is that then there would have been space for a surprise character like Yeto or the Hero's Shade. But of course this is backwards mentality, since there is no real limit to character slots. If they haven't planned Yeto yet, there won't be Yeto. They planned two new movesets per pack and one of them is Twili Midna. If she would have been implemented as a weapon, we would have gotten two new weapons instead.

The real question now is ... what's the new weapon? I would have speculated the Spinner, but Koei Tecmo already announced that this one is going to stay exclusive to amiibo. Another option would be the Dominion Rod. It could be a new weapon for Zelda, but also a 2nd weapon for Twili Midna. Giving a new character two movesets from the get-go would be cool. Another possibility is the Fishing Rod ... but we all know, where this would end: Link having eight weapons in total, no thanks.

So, I place my bet on Ganondorf's horse! This makes the most sense. Like Epona it's already in the main game. It would be a moveset based on Twilight Princess, where Ganondorf showed his horse skills. They could even take the ghost riders as attacks from there. And Ganondorf deserves to get a 2nd weapon, simple as that.

By the way, I'm happy I was right that Twili Midna uses the "Mirror" as her weapon type with the Mirror of Twilight being one of the tiers. I'm eager to learn about the other tiers, she could even get a 16-Bit Magic Mirror as a joke skin.

I also hope that they will patch Legend Mode with her now, because the true Midna should have appeared in certain situations, like when Cia first met her.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Deku Princess as DLC

This might be crazy, but I completely changed my stance on the possible DLC characters for Hyrule Warriors. My first impression was that there's only choice for the Majora's Mask characters: Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link, since they are the most prominent and powerful characters from the game. But after learning that Tingle already was in development and most likely will be one of the characters for the DLC, I considered different scenarios.

Since Nintendo and Koei Tecmo seemed happy with the sales, a sequel to Hyrule Warriors is not unlikely. But of course they would need some interesting new characters for the sequel. Main characters that is. Well, there will be Ravio, Hilda and Yuga from A Link Between Worlds, but for the most part we only have side characters left. Some more important ones like Groose or Nabooru and some less important ones like Batreaux. But the sequel needs some big new faces, which could easily be provided by Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. (In the sequel Skull Kid would also be free have the moon as his special attack, which is currently occupied by someone else.)

And it could make sense not to go for the most important characters in the DLC. In any case they won't get the same spotlight and usage as the 16 original characters. And not everyone likes DLC, some people even refuse to buy it. So, I wouldn't wonder if the DLC focuses more on side characters. Tingle might even be a good choice here, because he's a love / hate thing. Whoever likes him, buys the DLC, and the others can just ignore it alltogether.

My second choice now would be the Deku Princess:

There are several reasons for this. Majora's Mask now enters the world of Hyrule Warriors and so far each game got the following:

  • at least two characters
  • at least two stages
  • one boss from the game
  • troops made of enemies from the game

Well, Ocarina of Time only got a reskinned King Dodongo, but that still counts for me. And everything else fits. There's the Imprisoned and the Bokoblins from Skyward Sword and the Bulblins and Argarok from Twilight Princess. Stalchilds are from Ocarina of Time.

Koei Tecmo showed that they like patterns in their game, so I wouldn't be surprised, if they gave Majora's Mask the same treatment. The full package. They already announced two characters for the game, so that's the first fit. And next to them there would be two new stages, new troops and one new boss. And I think the best way to do this would be via Dekus and Woodfall. This is what the new Adventure Map would offer:

  • Clocktown Stage
  • Woodfall Stage
  • Odolwa boss
  • Deku troops

The Garo could also make an excellent choice for the troops, but Dekus are probably more prominent. And the Deku Princess is simply the character, who fits this content the best. And it would be nice to have a Deku representative in the game next to one Goron and a Zora.

Besides that she would offer another water moveset, which so far has the lowest number of weapons, so this is needed. And to be honest, she's one character, where I already have a moveset worked out in my mind. Her normal attack string would have her whirl around (like Deku Link) and whip others with her hair. In the combos she uses the Deku Pipes to shoot Deku Bubbles and fly with the propeller flowers to bomb things with Deku Nuts. As her special she would summon a giant Deku, who sucks everyone in and shoots them away. Maybe she could also play certain songs from Majora's Mask like the Sonata of Awakening for different effects.

I think, while not being a major character, she brings lots of potential to add many different things from Majora's Mask to Hyrule Warriors. A lot more than Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link probably would.

On the other hand it would be weird to have Clocktown, but not Skull Kid. However, it could be that they "visit" Clocktown at a different time, where the moon isn't about to crash on the town. They also visited Skyloft long before the events of Skyward Sword, while Lake Hylia and Death Mountain got represented after the Hero of Time left. So, it wouldn't be too surprising, if the Majora's Mask stages don't take place during the exact events of Majora's Mask.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Weapon Element Count #2

The release version of Hyrule Warriors had a perfect balance of the elements with four weapons per element, not counting the Master Sword, because that's just a modified Sword & Shield moveset.

Also, Koei Tecmo had a perfect balance with the base damage values of their characters and still have, even after the first update. So, part of me believes that they're going to maintain that balance and at the end of the DLC we're looking at a perfect balance again. Now let's add Epona, the Scepter, the Dragon Spear, the Ring and the Spinner to the counts:

  • Light: 5
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 4
  • Lightning: 5
  • Darkness: 6

A good guess would be that they're going for 30 weapons in total with 6 weapons per element. But this means a couple of things here.

The Darkness element is already full, which would mean that there won't be any more Darkness type weapons. This is interesting, because if they would add Skull Kid using the Mask as his weapon type, you'd think that this is a Darkness type weapon. What else would it be? Even the mini moons from the Power-up Hookshot deal Darkness damage. This could potentially mean that Skull Kid is not part of the DLC.

Well, Midna's Hair or Mirror would most likely be a Light element weapon. And Tingle's Tingle Balloons could classify as Fire Element, because he probably would drop Tingle Bombs all over the place. Now this basically leaves one more Lightning weapon and two more water weapons. I already speculated about Yeto being the Twilight Princess character and maybe the Deku Princess will be part of the Majora's Mask pack. Mikau as a Lightning fighter (Guitar) could also be a fit, but it would be more important to get a Deku representative before another Zora.

However, we're one weapon short. But it might be that we get another free weapon or another amiibo weapon somewhere down the line. Like a horse moveset for Ganondorf could be Lightning based. Or I thought about that Tingle, since he already was in development before the release and he has his fans and haters alike, gets added as another free character like Cia, Volga and Wizzro. There could also be a free weapon for someone, something silly like the Fishing Rod for Link to add another water weapon.