Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest out in Japan

It's official now. I won't be playing any other games for months. Maybe a little bit of Smash Bros., but overall Hyrule Warriors will take all my freetime. All of it.

I've been playing for over 220 hours now and still haven't finished the original Adventure Mode, but now they're releasing an entire 2nd Quest:

Oh wow... and look at all those costumes! There are 16 in total including some variants like maskless Cia, maskless+hatless Cia, purple Link or maskless Zant.

And the "Observer of Time" costumes for Cia and Lana are absolutely stunning:

I'm in love! :D

Next to all the unannounced costumes, there are also more 8-bit weapons to unlock. This actually gives me hope that there are more unannounced things in the future packs, mainly unannounced stages. A Clocktown stage is all I really want for now, because it would be awesome.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Twilight Princess Pack Speculation

Now with the first new weapon being revealed to be Epona, I was putting more thoughts into what the next pack could offer, especially its weapon. Here I now see three interesting possibilities:

1) True Midna
Well, they already teased a 2nd weapon for Midna on the E3 and since she doesn't user her shackles anymore, the "weapon" or whatever it is would be wielded in her true form. Of course it could also make sense to have true Midna as her own character, because she has a different model, which might collide with future costumes (but those costumes could also work for both forms). The only problem is the actual weapon. I know that I want to see the real Midna, but I have no real ideas what she could fight with, except maybe the Dominion Rod. This is still a likely scenario, but after Epona I also got another idea...

2) Dark Horse
Link is not the only character in the game, who makes an intro on his horse. Ganondorf does so as well and it would be awesome and only very fair, if he received a similar weapon type, so he could duel Link on a horse again. This fits in the Twilight Princess pack very nicely, because that's the game, where Ganondorf did a horse battle. You could even use the ghost riders as one of his combos. The more I think about this idea, the more I want it.

3) But Net
Agitha was designed to be a weak character, which is allright. It makes sense for her and a game like this also needs some more challenging characters. Agitha was the perfect choice here. But what bugs me (pun intended) is that they designed her Adventure Mode missions around her weaknesses and made them very hard. The Lvl3 Parasol is the only weapon, which I haven't unlocked yet, because of this. So, it would be nice, if Agitha received a better weapon in the future. However, they already struggled with designing her first moveset, so getting ideas for yet another one might be difficult. So, it's probably more likely that we're going to see one of the first two options or something entirely unexpected again.

With the character slot, if it's not true Midna, I'm going to say that Yeto is still the best candidate. He brawls around and his weapon type would be "Fish" with the Reekfish and Hylian Loach being different tiers. The Hero's Spirit with a "Four Sword" moveset is another good possibility. But I honestly have to say that I'm more excited about the new weapon than the new character at this moment. The other games have more interesting characters left.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Ideas for new Adventure Maps

So, they announced that there's going to be three more Adventure Maps with the upcoming DLC packs. They are most likely going to be used to provide missions, where you can get Heart Containers and Heart Pieces for the new character, as well as upgrades for the new weapons.

So, with that we need smaller maps. Of course they could just design their own environments like they already did in the small Rewards Map. I could imagine their own 8-Bit version of Termina in the Majora's Mask pack for example.

But another nice possibility, which also works with the current item card system, would be the dungeons from The Legend of Zelda:

This is actually the perfect size. For Cia, Volga, Wizzro and Epona we would need space for 24 Heart Containers, 24 Heart Pieces and eight weapon upgrades. Some of it might go into the new scenario, but overall this easily fits all of it, without being too large. The first dungeon has 17 squares in total.

The item cards would work differently here:

  • Compass: reveal secrets (as before)
  • Bombs: proceeding to the next area
  • Candle: light up rooms to reveal enemies
  • Power Bracelet: moving blocks to unlock rewards
  • Ladder: moving to the next area
  • Flute: making enemies vulnerable, so you can fight them
  • Ice Arrows: destroy flames
  • Hookshot: move over certain walls

The other item cards will probably not be used here, but it's actually a nice system, where items are utilized in a different way. For example you rarely ever need the Ladder, Flute or Hookshot on the overworld. In dungeons they could be a lot more useful.

The game offers 18 different dungeons, so they would have more than enough maps for all future DLC of Hyrule Warriors.

But in a sequel they probably might go for another game and provide different items and visuals. Of course it would be cool, if they used Zelda II or A Link to the Past, but it makes more sense to use a game with an actual grid. Because how else would distribute the missions? With that in mind, not many games come into question:

  • BS The Legend of Zelda
  • Link's Awakening
  • Oracle of Ages
  • Oracle of Seasons
  • The Wind Waker

Those are the games, which use a grid for their overworld. And there's certainly some potential here.

The BS Zelda games would be more of a weird choice and they provide only half the size:

Probably not going for that.

Link's Awakening's Cocolinth on the other hand has twice the size of the current Adventure Map. But this might be a good candidate, if we get twice as many characters at some point...

In addition Link's Awakening offers a good item system (Roc's Feather, Pegasus Boots, Mirror Shield, ...), as well as nine very nice dungeons that could be used for expansions. So, Hyrule Warriors 2 might opt for Cocolinth! However, Cocolinth is not as iconic as Hyrule of course, it only was the land for one game. And with this it's not really fitting the magnitude of Hyrule Warriors and I'm saying this as a big fan of Link's Awakening.

I doubt that we will see anything from the Capcom Zelda games in Hyrule Warriors ever, because Capcom. Not after they sued Koei. And of course Holodrum and Labrynna are even less popular/know than Cocolinth. As much as I'm a fan of the Oracle games (study my blog, if you have any doubts), I already made my peace with those games never being a part of Hyrule Warriors. The same goes for The Minish Cap.

But what could be really nice is the ocean from the Wind Waker. Imagine small toon versions of all the characters going around on the Red King of Lions!

Of course this not even offers half the size of the current map, but they could easily expand the ocean with many new squares. But using the map from the Wind Waker probably would be the most charming way of creating an Adventure Map in Hyrule Warriors 2. This way you could also give the Wind Waker some love, since the art style otherwise would prevent bigger cameos in Hyrule Warriors.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Impa in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U?

I hope, this rumor is true! This is exactly what the new Smash needs to get some love back from the Zelda fans. Impa as the next Zelda Smasher would probably be the best choice, since she has been there since the beginning and was included in many different Zelda games. And using her Hyrule Warriors form would even be better, because that's officially the most awesome Impa and it would be nice to see Smash 4 paying tribute to the new Zelda fighting game.

Hyrule Warriors - Epona Announced

Well, I assumed that we might get a surprise with the first new weapon and it certainly was!

I was hoping that Link wouldn't get new weapons for new. He already has four/five different ones and other characters certainly are in more need of new weapons. My Link is already on Level 99, so there's no real reason to keep playing with him for now.

However, in a way this weapon makes a lot of sense. Epona was already in the game in Link's sword victory pose and Koei Tecmo already made two weapons, which had the sole purpose of making other characters in the game playable...

I wouldn't wonder, if the new weapon in the Twilight Princess pack actually was True Midna, so that both new weapons are in a way new playable characters... :D I'm fine, as long as Fierce Deity Link won't be a costume... that's probably the only way how they could disappoint me, while I'm open minded about everything else with this fun game.

Another possibility would be giving Ganondorf his horse as a weapon, so Link and Ganondorf could duel on horses again.

Hyrule Warriors - Progress Update

Getting close to the 100% here. But man, this game... so much to do! Around 220 hours now.

Well, I have two weapon upgrades left (Lvl 3 Parasol and Lvl 3 Portal), eight more Skulltulas in Adventure Mode and quite some Heart Pieces and Heart Containers, mostly from annoying single battles.

This is what I just got:

The mission to get it was really tough, even with a Level 99 Link I only did very little damage, so it was hard to finish in 15 minutes. Link was by the way my first level 99 character. Zelda is getting close though, she's on level 92. Guess, I like playing with these two the most.

I really want to finish everything until October 16th, so then I can fully focus on the new characters and missions. Though unlocking all the badges might take a while. Especially Agitha and Fi, who both need lots of Imprisoned Scales... ugh.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hyrule Warriors DLC Speculation

Because it's fun... I put some more thoughts into what each pack could contain since my last post. So, let's go through each pack individually.

Master Quest Pack
  • 1 new Weapon
  • New Scenario
  • New Adventure Map
  • 2 Costumes

I think for the most part this pack will deliver content for the three new villains, Cia, Volga and Wizzro. You get to play them for free, but if you want their weapon upgrades, Heart Containers and Pieces, you need this pack. The new scenario might be new villain missions for those guys and the new Adventure Map takes care of the rest.

The new scenario for Legend Mode could also be something really tough to stay true to the "Master Quest" name of the pack. Maybe it's really 2nd Quest for the Legend Mode, where all missions are tougher in their strategies. But I honestly would prefer an all new villain campaign, because I love those three baddies. It could also be something, where you replay the original missions as them. But I'm not sure, how this would work, since most of the time they just stay put in one place.

I'm not sure about the weapon. The Bongos for Darunia would be better in the Majora's Mask pack, the Crossbow should be reserved for Linkle/Aryll, the Scythe should come with Batreux, and Cia already fights with a whip-like weapon, so introducing the Whip here wouldn't be as exciting. So, I'm expecting a surprise here. Maybe something new for Zelda or Impa.

As for the costume, I thought it would be nice to make some of the concept art a reality, like Valkyrie Zelda or the feather outfit for Ganondorf:


Impa should also get her Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time versions at some point. And Sheik her Ocarina of Time version. But maybe this will happen as a fifth costume pack, whenever they decide to release the four existing packs in the eShop.

Cia also needs to have two costumes, one with the mask and one without. But I believe that this will be available from the get-go with the 1.3 update, because this is already in the game and not a major change of her model. You can already look at both her costumes whenever you want, so you shouldn't have to pay for it.

Twilight Princess Pack
  • 1 new character
  • 1 new weapon
  • New Adventure Map
  • 2 Costumes

The "1 new weapon and 1 new character" might translate into "2 new characters". If you remember the E3 demo, there Midna originally had a 2nd weapon, which didn't make the cut. Fans speculated that this 2nd weapon would be wielded by her true form. It could be the Dominion Rod or something like the Twilight Mirror, but whatever the weapon is, Midna doesn't have the "shackle" anymore. So, maybe true form Midna is the weapon.

This leaves place for one more character like Yeto (weapon type "Fish") or the Hero's Spirit. The Spinner could also be a new weapon for Link, but at this point they shouldn't really add any more weapons for Link and focus on other characters, who don't have a secondary weapon type. I also would like to see Agitha with a Bug Net, though I don't really know how a second moveset for her could be like.

I'm not sure about the costumes. Maybe those really are just the Zora Armor and Magic Armor for Link. It wouldn't be a bad choice, even though Link already has lots of costumes (8 in total). But he's Link, so... his Ordon clothes would be another possibility for a costume. Or maybe the robed Zelda, but this might be boring. Ah, I know... Puppet Zelda! That would be cool.

The pale Midna could also be it, but this would probably be too "sick". I thought about the Hero's Spirit as a costume, but costumes don't change the sound of a character, so it wouldn't fit. Also, the Hero's Spirit has too many unique trades like the golden wolf or the ability to multiply, so it should be its own character and not a costume.

Majora's Mask Pack
  • 2 new characters
  • New Adventure Map
  • 3 new costumes

The most iconic and popular choices for the characters would be Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. There are some people at GameFAQs, who want to have Fierce Deity Link as a simple costume and not a character, but there are many reasons not to do this:

a) Smash Bros. 4 already did that.
b) Fierce Deity Link is about 1,5 times the size of Adult Link.
c) He needs that sword and a sword beam moveset!

Since the pack doesn't come with a new weapon, the Fierce Deity's Double Helix Blade could only be part of a new character.

Skull Kid (weapon type "Mask") is a must for two simple reasons:

a) He's an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros. 4, like Midna or Ghirahim.
b) He has his own First 4 Figures statue.

Actually both Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link have F4F figurines. And with them Koei would have every F4F Zelda character playable in Hyrule Warriors. And with Skull Kid, Midna and Ghirahim they would have all the characters playable, which people didn't want to have only as Assist Trophies.

Of course there are other potential characters from the game. As you know I would like to see Mikau and the Deku Princess. I also often see requests for the Happy Mask Salesman and Kafei, though I don't see their appeal as fighters.

Hopefully this pack also comes with a Clocktown stage or otherwise it wouldn't feel complete. None of the packs say anything about new stages though, which would be a shame, because stages help with the variety as much as characters do. And we need that setting for Fierce Deity Link and Skull Kid. Also, Clocktown already has these perfect wide stairs between the areas and square places, which the battlefields in Hyrule Warriors need. I guess they could translate Clocktown in a way that it works nicely for Hyrule Warriors, but still look familiar.

That leaves the costumes. Three new costumes is quite a lot, but I have some ideas. For Ruto you could have Lulu's dress as a costume and Darunia could get a Goron Link Costume. With that I don't mean a full "Darmani skin", but just Link's hat and the pants to resemble Darmani in a way. Problem with Darunia and Darmani is that we don't really need both, because whatever moveset one has, you could also give the other. So, a costume for Darunia and a 2nd playstyle for Darunia using bongos might be the better choice here instead of having Darmani as his own character.

Last costume could be a Twilight Princess skin for Skull Kid, just for the sake of completion. Of course this wouldn't fit the Majora's Mask theme, but the Twilight Princess pack gets released before this one and it wouldn't make sense to include a costume for an unreleased character there.

Ganon Pack
  • 2 New Game Modes

This is supposed to be a small and cheap pack, so I don't expect anything big here. A Survival Mode would be nice, where you keep fighting enemies until you die or your base falls. No healing items.

A boss battle mode could also work, even though we already have the extra battles. But there you fight all the bosses at once, which can be fun with the characters, but really annoying with the huge bosses. And it would be nice to have something, where you battle each boss and strong character in a row.

It could be also some sort of strategy mode, where you fight for territory. Imagine the map from the Legend Mode as some sort of battle map, where you try to conquer all stages.

But maybe they also go back to their dungeon ideas, where you have to complete actual dungeons, but this would require them to design new areas. Probably too much effort for this small pack.

I also won't expect a versus mode, because for that the characters are way too unbalanced.

Costume Packs

So, we got these already:

  • Ocarina of Time Link and Zelda
  • Twilight Princess Link and Zelda
  • Skyward Sword Link and Zelda
  • Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess Ganondorf

Following these patterns there could be more packs like this for existing and potential upcoming characters:

  • Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword Impa
  • Ocarina of Time Sheik
  • Twilight Princess Skull Kid
  • Demise Costume for Ganondorf

The costumes for Sheik and Impa could be one "Sheikah Pack". And I already mentioned the Skull Kid costume as part of the MM pack. The Demise costume could be content for a later Skyward Sword pack.