Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Retro Studios' next project

The Metroid Prime trilogy was fantastic, I just love all three of those games and I'm very curios about, what the next big project of Retro Studios will be. We've only got two big news since the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. One is that they're being said not to work on a Metroid title, the other one is, that some important employees left the company, but which should hopefully not effect their work on upcoming titles.

So, the only thing we know for sure is, that they're NOT working on a new Metroid. To sum up, there are two major rumors flying around, I find both of them very interesting. The first one came from a famous female blogger, who said, that they're working on a Zelda spin-off, whatever this means. If you've read my The Future of Zelda article here, you know, that maybe the next Wii Zelda is going to be in first person perspective. And who's the best in creating first person games for video game systems? Correct, Retro is. Their experience with the Metroid Prime series is just incomparable, so they would be the best for the job. Which is why I believe, that they eventually have worked on Zelda Wii at some point. But a spin-off title would mean something entirely different or something like the Zelda games made by Flagship(Capcom), not the next new main project.

The second big rumor concentrates on the guy, you can see on the left. After his infamous performance in Super Smash Bros Brawl Kid Icarus aka Pit is said to finally get his third installment on the Nintendo Wii. While the second game,Of Myth and Monsters for the GameBoy, was already created for the American market, it's not unlikely that an American developer will get the responsibility for the third game. Also Kid Icarus was originally the little brother of Metroid, made by the same developers. And considering what a good job Retro did with reviving the Metroid franchise, I mean all those details, the gameplay, the story, the atmosphere, the fanservice, everything was perfect, they definitely are the best to bring Kid Icarus back to life again. Plus think about it, Pit fights with a bow most of the time, so a first person shooter would be (again) the best format and Retro would be (again) the best for the job. According to Wikipedia, some rumors say, that Factor 5 is the one to work on the next Kid Icarus game, but with all their experience in space and flight simulations, shouldn't they better work on Starfox or something?

Again all I can say is, that we hopefully get all our questions answered next week on the E3. I can't wait.

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