Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Legend of Princess

Look, what I've found today. This is basically the most awesome Zelda fangame ever made, developed by Joakim Sandberg (Konjak). Meant to be a parody on Zelda, Legend of Princess a side scroller like Zelda II was and it's freakin' funny. If you ever thought, it's a bad thing, that A Link to the Past got away with Link having purple hair, then this is for you. The arcade fighting style is insanely fast and covers a bunch of cool sword moves including the sword wheel, which is some kind of wall climbing spin attack. The 16Bit graphics are gorgeous, everything looks pretty detailed.

There is only one level in this game and it's pretty short. But it has a very high replay value, since it's quite challenging. There is also some kind of difficulty system, since you have to choose two items at the start, but every item provides a different level of challenge. Of course you're always equipped with Sword and Shield, but you can choose an item for range attacks and one more item to increase your jumping ability. The offensive items include a very stylish Boomerang, a Bow and the Bombchus. The movement items are the Roc's Feather, the Hookshot and a Cucco. See, the Roc's Feather is pretty easy to control, it basically allows you to double jump and float, while the Hookshot has to be attached on the ceiling to gain high. And the most difficult one to control is the Cucco. So, you can replay the game with different items whenever you want. In addition during the game you can collect a fairy and imprison her in your bottle for the known purpose, there are no heart containers, so this stays a 3 heart quest. However, I really like the style of the items and everything else, especially the Boomerang looks cool when thrown.

The dungeon is called the Dirt Temple and it holds three bosses, featuring Dark Link, a Phantom Ganon style creature and an "armored monster with crippling weak-point". Those boss battles are all really well made, I wish the current Zelda games had stuff as good as this. Normal enemies include Octoroks, Keese, Tektikes and Zoras, while most of them are actually overworld enemies and not enemies from dungeons in the real Zelda games. Well, I guess that's part of the whole parody as well. There are lots of well hidden treasure chests and your goal is to collect as many rupees as possible to beat the highscore (which reminds me on the BS Zeldas). The only downside are the controls, you can't modify them, and I'm getting confused by doing the walking with the right hand and the action with the left, normally it's the opposite. But seriously, this game is great fun and simply one of the best fanmade Zelda games ever. This should be released on WiiWare, because that would be pure badass.

Click on the link below to find more about this game. You can watch vidoes there and even download it for FREE.


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