Sunday, April 26, 2009

BeyondUnreal Screenshot Challenge

Over the last two weeks held a screenshot contest, where you could win one of five free Steam copies of Unreal Tournament 3 Black. To win you had to submit a screenshot from any Unreal game, wether it is funny or artistic. And guess who've won? Yeah, that's right. Good old TourianTourist made it into the top 5. And that's how my winning screenshot looks like:

Flak attack. Did you see the flak smiley? This screenshot is about 6 or 7 years old, I made it using some glitches caused by the "playersonly" command. The funny thing is, I copied this screenshot from my old computer at my parent's house last month, when I looked for my old Unreal maps, so I could post them here on this blog. But when I saw this screenshot, I thought I have to copy it too. But who knew, it would come in handy so fast? However, there is a second version of this screenshot I like even more. It doesn't have it as many flakgrenades on it, but it looks more artistic. Here it is:

Also, take a look at the four other winners. They've got some very nice screenshots in store:

UT3 Giveaway Screenshot Challenge Winners

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