Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legend of Neil Season II

...started today. Or yesterday, depends on the time zone. Well, have you ever been annoyed by Zelda fangirls screaming for a Zelda movie? Or by those idiots, who fell for last year's IGN april fool's joke, and who still hope it's real? And do you absolutely dislike the thought of a Zelda movie, may it be a real one or a fan project? Yes? Then Legend of Neil is for you. It's a comedy web series, which is based solely on the original Zelda game. It's about a gas station attendent named Neil, who gets sucked into the game while masturbating to a fairy and choking himself off with the controller cable. Well, you get it, the humor is black, rude and perverted, but the show has some absolutely hilarious moments. I especially enjoyed the dialogues between the Wizzrobe and Ganon in the first season. Or the second season starts for example with Neil noticing the hurtful way, that his crappy shield is way too small. But just watch for yourself.

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Interview with Zelda Universe

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