Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Third Oracle House in The Minish Cap

OMG, I just found out how to build the house for the last Oracle in The Minish Cap. Here's a screenshot:

Just joking. I made this one in Photoshop and thought it was worth a little blog post, since there haven't been any updates for a while. This is probably one of the most asked questions about The Minish Cap and one of the biggest myths of the game. That's because it's quite confusing. You have all three Oracles from Capcom's original Zelda games Oracle of Ages & Seasons waiting in the inn to find a new home. And you can make Gorman to rent out the first house and the carpenters to build a second one. But there's no way to build a third one. Gorman observes the spot with the cats and says in the European version that he could build another house there, if he could get rid of the cats. But there's no way to get rid of them manually and when they are gone at the end of the game, Gorman is gone as well. It's only natural that a lot of people wonder, how to built the third house or why there's none. I've tried to find an answer to the second question, but haven't found any statements from Capcom about that.

One theory would be that this is basically another reference to the Oracle games. Originally they planned a trilogy, but one game was scrapped due to the difficulties of connecting three games, so in the end they could just make two games featuring only two of the Oracle, Din and Nayru. Farore then turned into a side character, the Oracle of Secrets, who helped you linking both games. So that only two Oracles can get a new home in The Minish Cap could be a nod to the fact that they scrapped one Oracle game. The two available houses are even colored red and blue. It might be disappointing for the player that he can only have two of the Oracles, but I guess scrapping one game was very disappointing for Capcom as well.

But you get to choose, which Oracles should move into the two open houses and who has to stay at the inn. Every of the Oracles gives you her charm, which is a bottle item, that once used temporarily makes you stronger. Also Link will be shown in the alternate tunic colors from Four Swords. Din's Charm boosts your attack power, while Nayru's boosts defense, similar to the Red and Blue Armor from Link's Awakening DX or the Red and Blue Ring from the Oracle games. Farore's Charm boosts both, but with lesser power similar to the Green Ring from Oracles. Since you only can have two of those, you have to chose, who and what you want. I normally chose Din and Nayru, because it's classic, but purple Link looks good, too.

If you want, you can use the above screenshot to fool people. But please credit this blog afterwards, if you do.

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Ha, the was hilarious! My friend got so mad.