Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long Time no Read

It's been a while, huh... when I changed this blog from something weird into a Zelda focused blog, I said, I always could talk about Zelda. It seems, that this was a lie and I apologize that I haven't been updating this blog in months. Well, I was busy with many other things and the Zelda fire was just not burning for the time, nothing much happend anyway since the E3. I rarely even visited any other Zelda sites or forums. But with the Nintendo 3DS and Skyward Sword coming closer and closer, the fire is starting to grow again. I'm currently replaying Spirit Tracks for the first time, which is actually not as bad and boring as I feared it would be, and I plan to replay the Wii version of Twilight Princess somewhen early 2011 as a warm up for Skyward Sword. In the meantime I plan to update the blog once in a while and with the new games coming out next year it will get hot again.

However, not much happened since the E3 anyway. Metroid: Other M was released and I've written a review in my forums, but in German. I planned to write an English version here on my blog, but I never finished it. Maybe I'll do so and add this post later, because Other M is again a good example, how too much linearity and story telling can kill a good Action Adventure game. The only big news in the last months was probably the announcement of a Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS with Link's Awakening DX with one of its release titles. I'll talk about that later. And there was the final season of The Legend of Neil, you should definitely watch it. So much for now, expect some updates in the next days.

The fire burns again. At least for now. :D


Ashraf_2003 said...

I was sure that you will be back so I didn't unsubscribe.

Welcome back ^_^

And don't worry about focusing on Zelda, just make sure you mention it in every post and your non-Zelda aren't more than 50% of your posts, that's just my opinion and you are not obliged to take in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tourian, I`m glad you´re back. Looking forward to read some articles by a real fan again.