Saturday, December 17, 2011

Skyward Sword: Second Game Breaking Glitch

By now you've all probably heard about the game breaking glitch in Skyward Sword, where you can't advance in the game during the Song of the Hero quest. It's somehow triggered if you chose to visit the dragon in the desert first and by speaking to the Goron in Lanayru Cave before and after getting the part of the Song of Hero. The events in Faron Woods and Eldin Vulcano will now no longer be triggered. But fear not, Nintendo will provide a tool to fix your savefile.

It's sad that the only real non-linear part of the game seems to be the one causing the most trouble. Funnily while playing the game for the first time I actually tried visiting the Thunder Dragon first, but the Goron wouldn't let me enter Lanayru Gorge for whatever reason. So, at that time I actually thought that even the Song of the Hero quest would be entirely linear.

But now it seems that there's yet another game breaking glitch. It was reported once at GameFAQs and there's also someone over at ZeldaEurope who experienced a similar glitch. The glitch triggers the vulcano eruption sequence early in the game. You get trapped in the cell, but there's no way to escape it. The Mogma giving you the Mogma Mitts after lifting a barrel doesn't appear. In fact the barrel isn't even there. For the guy at GameFAQs it happened after the first dungeon while visiting Eldin for the first time. For the other guy it happened while he or she looked for the pinwheel. So far it's unknown what triggers the glitch, but it seems to be a rare occurrance.

Well, but lately Nintendo really has a thing for weird game ending glitches. Remember Metroid: Other M, anyone?


K2L said...

What's with these game-breaking glitches? It's already bad enough that the more hyped TP had one as well. They used to avoid these issues with OOT, MM and TWW, what happened after that? =/

Anonymous said...

I can concur. I am having this issue as well. I have two of the three flames just learned the song I need to access the area in the Eldin Volcano area. However, when I go there, I am immediately blown off course and wind up in a cell with no items to interact with of any kind. My inventory is gone and there is no famed barrel to push. I'm hoping for a save fix, I'm 30 hours in =)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find any help online to solve this reported second glitch, of which I can safely say I am a victim. Nintendo's official let's-fix-the-game channel has gone live in NA. I'm starting from scratch with a file Nintendo claims to be impervious to glitching. Still, it bothers me that this second glitch may strike me again. It's not a rumor. It's real. I was blown off course in the volcano area into a cell with no items to interact with. As a precaution I was encourage avoiding the Accio Hacks code that is supposed to fix the game-breaking bug. Go the official N route.

Anonymous said...

An update. Here are some warning signs I should have noticed. I was questing for the 2nd flame but the load screen said I was searching for the 3rd. This should have tipped me off that something was wrong. Also, I was prompted to plug in a nunchuck at startup when I already had one in. These may be warning signs of the second glitch. I still have no idea what I did to cause it.

Anonymous said...

You are SUPPOSE to be veered off course and have no items! I had to throw the pots I think or something for the mole thing to appear and give me back my digging gloves. Your comments are brief so I don't understand if nothing just happened at all no matter what you did or you assumed because you had no items that it was a glitch?

TourianTourist said...

@last comment:
The glitch didn't happen to me, I played through the game without any problems. And I'm aware of the vulcano eruption sequence, where the Bokoblins steal your items. Of course the sequence itself is not a glitch. The sequence appearing after the first dungeon is. In that case the Mogma, who is giving you the Mogma Mitts after lifting a barrel, doesn't appear. In fact that barrel isn't even there. You're completely stuck, you can restart restart the game, but apparently the glitch keeps coming. This glitch can happen after the first dungeon or while looking for the pinwheel.