Monday, March 12, 2012

Yarna Desert Skeleton Secret

So, a friend of mine got this huge batch of old Club Nintendo magazines. For those who don't know what a Club Nintendo magazine is, that was basically one giant advertisement in form of a paper available for free at local retailers in the 90s. It was mostly all propaganda (all games were really good and you should have bought them), but it was still nice to have. I'm sad that I've thrown my magazines away (though I saved all the Zelda articles in one big folder, in clear film) and looking through the magazines brought back a lot of childhood memories.

And then I stumbled over something shocking in the tips and tricks section of one magazine. There's a secret in Link's Awakening, which I didn't know about! There's no Zelda game which I have played so many times and so intense as Link's Awakening. And I seriously thought that I knew everything about it. That was until now. When you sprinkle Magic Powder on some remains in the Yarna desert, it tells you about the bombable wall in the cave above, where you can get a Piece of Heart.

I was quite surprised about this, earlier I thought that the Piece of Heart was just hard to find if you don't know that you can bomb the wall here. But it seems they've put a hint about it in the game. There's no reaction if you sprinkle on any of the other remains in the desert, so this seems to be an exceptional occurrence. But it might be that there are similar hints hidden throughout the game and I will sprinkle on EVERYTHING on my next playthrough... For example there's another Heart Piece cleverly hidden behind a wall in a cave in the Ukuku Prairie. There could be another hint about this heart hidden somewhere. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

It's nice how you can still find stuff in Zelda games even today! =)

Bacon said...

lol, I didnt know either. It's really cool that you can discover new stuff in Zelda games which you played years ago.