Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ganon's Apprentice Comic

At Zelda Universe Forums some guy published an Ocarina of Time comic from the Norway Club Nintendo magazine.


It's a short story, where Malon gets kidnapped by one of Ganondorf's henchman and Link seeks out to rescue her. The drawing style is quite edgy, just take a look at Malon:

I didn't know they used botox in Hyrule... And I didn't like that the focus of the story was on some evil guy called Radamantro, Ganon's apprentice, who was made up for the comic and never appeared in the games. But overall it's quite cool and full of nice details, for example you can spot Majora's Mask next to Ganondorf's throne. So, it's definitely worth a look.

But that's not the reason why I'm posting this. Today I've made a German translation of the comic for ZeldaEurope, which you can read here.


Adam said...

That's American art for ya

Oskar Garshol said...

As the original translator, I can tell you that the art is very much Scandinavian. :P

The style, though, is definitely very exaggerated in many ways.