Sunday, December 23, 2012


I guess, we've all seen this tweet..

Here's another pro-tip: don't buy a Wii U for Christmas!

It generally seems to be a bad choice to buy any video game system at launch or early in its life cycle. There will always be a better version of the system and usually there are some flaws that get fixed after while.

The GameBoy Advance got the much slicker SP update, the Nintendo DS got its Lite version and the 3DS got the Zelda Limited Edition. Early Wiis tend to have trouble with their disc drives and now the Wii U needs a two hour update... not to mention any price cuts that occur in the meantime.

Unless there's a game that you simply MUST HAVE, I can only advise everyone to wait as long as possible before you buy a handheld or a console. They always get better and cheaper. Wait for a nice bundle, where you simply can't say "no" to it.

So, everyone who got a Wii U at Christmas and feels happy about it... wait until you see my Wii U Pro Limited Zelda Edition that I'll get myself for Christmas 2014. :D

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K2L said...

I was given a Wii U when I was completely mentalized to get it next year. Funny how things work in this world.