Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Got Hyrule Historia

duh-duh-duh-dumm *plays Zelda Get Item melody*

Mhh, my whole appartment smells like something freshly printed. The English version of Hyrule Historia was released yesterday and thanks to Amazon I already got my copy today. I bought the normal version, not the limited one, because I don't see why should pay twice as much just for different outer appearances. I also really like the green cover. Here are pictures:

I already had the chance to browse through the Japanese version and thanks to GlitterBerri, who also made the official translation, the important parts were already translated into English. However, this is the real deal. Every detail was translated, every mark on every concept art. And some of the stuff is very interesting.

For example originally there was going to be a "medal shop" in Skyloft's Bazaar, which made me curious. As you might know, I already dealt with the idea of additional medals. It seems like the idea of a medal shop was integrated into Beedle's Air Shop. But he only sells two medals, while the others are gotten from Goddess Cubes. So maybe they planned more medals at some point?

Some other interesting details:
- It appears that they originally planned a two player mode for Link's Awakening. There's a sketch of a special golem boss that resembles Ramrock, Gohdan and Mazaal and is fought by two Links. He's at the center of an abyss and one player has to throw the other player onto the head. There's a stake on the head that has to be pushed in with the Hammer, an item that is not in the game. Maybe this sketch was meant for A Link to the Past?
- For the Oracle games there was going to be a Magic Paintbrush as one of the central items making use of the GameBoy Color's colors.
- They originally planned a Shadow Sage in Spirit Tracks. Maybe the Dark Realm was going to be a fully developed realm earlier in development?


neithan said...

Ich bekomme meins morgen von amazon - und bin schon sehr gespannt, da ich mir bisher nicht viele Infos durchgelesen habe :)

K2L said...

I had gotten heavily spoiled by the translations from the Japanese version, so now I don't have a reason to get Hyrule Historia. I'll pass, easily.