Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Symphony of the Goddesses Merchandise

Yesterday I was at the Symphony of the Goddesses event in Berlin. And you were able to buy merchandise, yay! It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it says "Zelda" on it, I will be stupid to enough to buy it. But they had some beautiful posters and not too shabby T-shirts:

The poster comes in the size of 100x70cm and looks really pretty. Definitely worth it, prize of 10€. The shirt is a little boring, but in good quality. Somewhat overprized at 25€, but oh well...

I was also able to get one of the booklets that were reserved for the VIP class. At the end they would give them away to everyone else, as long as you bought a poster or a shirt. There's nothing really in it, covers and art from all the main games, as well as some quotes from gaming sites how important Zelda is and so on. Last two pages introduced the producer, the composer, and the conductor of the whole thing, which is probably the most interesting part. But it's a free gift, so whatever...

You can read my dedicated review in German at ZeldaEurope. But I'll add a short review in English tomorrow or so.

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