Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Weapon Building

After some time out I'm finally back at playing Hyrule Warriors. I've already clocked 600+ hours and I'm still not done with this baby yet. And there's still lots to do. I've fully completed all Adventure Maps, except the Termina map. There I'm around 50%, but before I return there, I want to get every main character above Level 200. After completing the Termina Map I will focus on Challenge Mode, my goal there would be A ranking all challenges with each character. And for this I want every character to be on Level 255 and have at least one powerful weapon.

The latter is probably the most interesting part, where I currently spent the most time with. I found a reliable way of collecting 5 star, 8 slot weapons: play "Divisive Plan 9" with the three Dark Ganondorfs on the Twilight Map, while using a Slot II Mixture and possibly a weapon with a Stars+ skill. This works best with characters using Light weapons, however, you can always be lucky and receive good weapons for other characters. This mission is also one of the best for leveling up, so I use this to hit two birds with one stone. Here you can easily level up Zelda, Fi, Agitha or Link and farm good weapons at the same time.

By now I got several weapons, which I consider to be perfect: a Rapier, a pair of Great Swords and a Scepter. They all offer the following:

  • Legendary
  • Hasty Attacks
  • Normal Attacks+
  • Element+
  • Favorite Strength skills

I know that "Legendary" is a waste on a tier 3 weapon, I only apply it, because I unlocked several Legendary skills in the past and I like to have the maximum damage of 450 for the aesthetics. "Hasty Attacks" is my new favorite skill and I want it on every weapon, there's no going back, once you had it. It also helps with missions, where you have a significant damage gap. There your damage output per attack will hit a limit, but with Hasty Attacks you can double the number of attacks for the same time window. Applying "Normal Attacks+" also seems like a good choice for most weapons, can't do much wrong with that, as well as powering your favorite combos. I'm not a fan of the Versus or Special skills, because either they are not always useful (all VS skills, Compatriot, Adversity) or they come with a disadvantage (No Healing, Defenseless), so I'm not applying them on my allrounder attack weapon, even though they can be useful for specific missions. "No Healing" is great for Adventure Mode, but not so good for Hero and Challenge Mode, so you might want to keep a second attack weapon with that skill just for Adventure Mode and some of its sturdier missions there.

Of course the choice of attack skills also depends on the character. With Agitha you might prefer Special Attack+ over Normal Attacks+. Or with Fierce Deity Link you might prefer Magic+ over Hasty Attacks+. Fierce Deity Link is also the only character, where I'd opt for Special+, just to get as much SP as possible for converting it into magic.

I also like to have the element skills Fire+, Water+, Lightning+, Light+ and Darkness+. Especially Darkness+ and Fire+ are really useful. Light+ on the other hand is negligible and with Water+ and Lighting+ you might argue that they can disrupt your attacks more than they are helpful. But I still like to have these skills, because they are the only skills next to "Hasty Attacks", which offer a noticeable functional upgrade for your weapon, instead of just increasing your damage output or luck.

I decided to drop Bombs+ and Bow+ from my main weapon, because you can always use the Item Power-Up Mixture from the 1.4 update. But I still like to have them for my secondary looting weapon. For these I use the 8-Bit weapons, if they are available, e.g. I got an 8-Bit White Sword and an 8-Bit Candle, both with 5 stars and 8 slots each. They look something like this:

  • Materials+
  • Rupees+
  • Stars+
  • Slots+
  • Element+
  • Hasty Attacks
  • Bombs+ or Bow+
  • (Legendary)

"Legendary" isn't a must here, but for some weapon types I unlocked two or even more Legendary Skills, which I will use. And then it simple has the Looting skills: Materials+, Rupees+, Stars+, Slots+. Experience+ is not there, because it becomes obsolete, whenever you hit Level 255. Of course all of the Looting skills become obsolete at some point. Materials+ used to be one of my favorites in the past, but after he Twilight Map and completing all badges, it's the least important Looting skill for me. Rupees+ is obsolete, if you abuse the Rupee glitch. And Stars+ and Slots+ will become obsolete eventually, as soon as I've completed my weapon collection. Not that they are terribly effective...

But for the most part it just seems like a good scheme for 8-Bit weapons and I will probably not bother with creating looting weapons for weapon types, which don't have an 8-Bit variant. Only the ones, I really like, e.g. the Scepter.


Paul M said...

Can we have another update? Please?

TourianTourist said...

Do you mean update for the game or a new update on my blog about this? :D

But eventually both will happen. I finished the Termina Map in June and made a lot more good weapons before that, by now nearly every character has at least one. And I also changed my mind about some of the skills, so I might talk about that.

And Hyrule Warriors will at least get another update with the Legends DLC next year.

Paul M said...

I just love your 'completionist' blog, and wish I had the same amount of dedication as you to see all this game has to offer. So I guess reading your blog is the next best thing. (And a few questions; what level is your highest warrior? And do you ever use the rupee glitch?)

TourianTourist said...

Thank you! Well, currently I'm not playing the game. I got everything unlocked, but I still have to A-rank all challenges and get every character to the maximum level.

My highest warriors are at 255. I leveled Cia to the max right at the day, when the 1.6 update was out. I also got Agitha, Link and Zelda at Lvl 255. All other characters are above Lvl 200, except for the three DLC guys, which are above Lvl 130 or so.

I did use the Rupee Glitch, but not for leveling characters. I use missions like "Rack up your KO count 9" and "Divisive Plan 7/8/9" to level up quickly and also unseal all wanted weapon skills on my way. But since removing weapon skills is super expansive (300.000 Rupees per slot), I did resort to using the Rupee Glitch a few times. I would use it for Ganon and the Cucco though, those two are a pain to level up and not much fun to play... but you sadly you can't level them up with money.