Friday, February 24, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Preview Phase Begins

It seems like Nintendo will now let the media run wild with the game. Because I don't want to get spoiled any further, I will avoid Twitter, Nintendo news feeds, gaming forums and the like for the time being. Comments are also disabled for now just to make sure. Please understand.

In the meantime I will try to finish my 3D Zelda sprint with Skyward Sword. Starting March 3rd I will dive into Breath of the Wild with my "Adventure Log" series on this blog, where I share my experiences with the game on a daily basis. Comments will return after I've beaten the game.

I originally posted this on February 13th, but it was a false alarm. The real preview phase begins now, one week before the release. That's super close! And it seems that the review embargo is on March 1st, two days before release. So, Nintendo really kept the game close to their chest, which is nice.

They handled this really well this time. I know very little about the game outside of the Great Plateau stuff that was shown at E3 last year. And most of the other things came out of the two new trailers, which only gave us small glimpes. With Skyward Sword Nintendo already had showcased the entire game at this point...

And ignoring the gaming media for one week is an agreeable time frame. Since some people might already have the game right now, because their GameStop let it slip early or whatever, you have to be careful anyway. Don't get spoiled! I won't read any previews or reviews, because I'm getting the game anyway and I will experience everything fully on my own, without any bigger knowledge or expectations.

Only one week left!

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