Thursday, September 14, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Champion amiibo Release Date

As announced in the latest Nintendo Direct, the four Champion amiibo will be released on November 10th and unlock helmets based on the four Divine Beasts:

This looks pretty dope, but everything looks better than the current Ancient Helmet. I just hope that they will still provide the Ancient Proficiency set bonus, unlike any other alternate head gear so far...

Also, this will currently leave only five more slots for DLC outfits, where we've already seen the Outset Island Shirt. This means that there are only four pieces left, which we haven't seen yet, maybe another full set and hopefully one useful pair of boots. Unless of course they expand the armor inventory by an additional page. But seeing, how Nintendo keeps getting the details wrong with this game, I wouldn't even be surprised, if they expect us to sell current armor to make place for the useless DLC stuff.

Apropos DLC, I'd expect the Champions' Ballad to be released on the same day as the amiibo. The amiibo need an update anyway to add the Divine Beasts helmets and it makes sense to have the amiibo released at the same time as the DLC, which revolves around them.

According to Nintendo's press release for the Direct, there's still additional functionality for these amiibo, which will be announced in the future. It makes sense that they will drop weaponry and items based on the four races. The question is, whether the actual Champion weapons will be part of this (see this post), but I also wouldn't be surprised, if they aren't...

At least, the amiibo will only be available in a four pack. This should make it a lot easier to track them down, because you don't have to hunt for four individual amiibo everywhere, where one of them turns out to be extra rare or whatever.

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