Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Link's Awakening Remake: Necklace or Bikini Top?

Now we're asking the important questions...

Between the North American and Japanese versions of Link's Awakening, there have been a variety of differences (see TCRF). In Germany we even faced these differences, among various adjustments to the original free translation by Claude M. Moyse, between the original GameBoy version and Link's Awakening DX, which was somewhat of a disappointment when the new version came out (see here).

Well, the most infamous change is probably the one around the Mermaid Martha. Originally, the lost her bikini top (the "Pink Bra") and you find it for her as part of the trading sequence. This got changed into a Necklace for various versions, however, and it explains why she's acting so weird around you, especially when you're diving in front of her.

As for the remake we should assume that they are going for Necklace in all versions, not only because they would want to avoid bigger version differences this time around, but because of another potential improvement to the game: water.

What about it? Well, in the original you couldn't see through the water surface, much like in any older 2D Zelda game. This allowed for the original joke, where you have a topless mermaid looking for her bra. But in the remake we should assume that you will be able to slightly see below the water surface, similar to A Link Between Worlds, which would make such a joke even less appropriate for a Nintendo game.

At least a change in water visibility would come with an advantage, making this "censorship" justifiable: it would be possible to spot the two sunken Pieces of Hearts in the game. In the original finding those often happened either by luck or because you had a guide telling you.

I remember, how I found the Piece of Heart in the suspicious flooded cave next to Level 4, where you get the Zora's Flippers. From there on I investigated all of the waters, which ultimately led to the discovery of the Piece of Heart in Kanalet Castle's moat. But it certainly would be nicer, if you could simply see it from the shore and then remember it for later.

But to allow this, you can't have bare-breasted mermaids swimming around.

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