Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Replaying Mystic Quest, Part 4

Didn't play too much today, but here's the update. After entering the Undersea Volcano, I found the Zeus' Axe in that dungeon. The dungeon was pretty tough, because you had to walk through some kind of lava or acid (couldn't tell), which takes about a hundred HP a second.

The boss was the so called Iflyte, a giant thing, which was able to curl itself into a ball. But just waiting in a corner and stabbing it with my Thunder Spear did it. And of course, I didn't get the Excalibur yet, but a Rusty Sword, which is supposed to be the legendary sword. But I can't use it yet, because I'm not a real Gemma Knight, whatever this means. So, I got back to the guy, who told me about the sword, sending me back to Dr. Bowow, the guy who build the Chocobot.

Dr. Bowow then told me, I have to use the Nuke Spell to destroy one of the crystals in the desert. Good thing, I already had the Nuke Spell, bad thing, the desert had many crystal and only one of them was the entrance to the next dungeon. But luckily, it was placed on the only screen in the desert with no monsters or dungeon/city entrances, which is suspicious enough, to try this region first. The next dungeon was actually pretty short, but cool. I got the Dragon Sword and Shield there and the boss was some kind of giant Mantis, which was easy to defeat with the help of the fire spell.

At the end of the dungeon, by using the Rusty Sword I could awaken the Dime Tower in the desert, which seems to be the prelast dungeon of the game. I got a new companion here, Marcie, a robot created by Dr. Bowow (who came up with that name?). Marcie shoots laser beams out of her eyes and can restore my Magic Points. Pretty much the most useful companion next to the Chocobo. And there are about half a dozen tablets in the Dime Tower, which tell you about the deeper story of the game. Very interesting.

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