Thursday, February 19, 2009

UT3 Titan Pack Preview 2

About ten days ago, I revealed what can be expected from the upcoming UT3 Titan Pack using information from a beta patch. However, Epic asked me to temporarily delete my post until they lift the press embargo for this information, which they did today. Also, like I guessed, some of the presumed information was not correct, so here's the update.

There's new vehicle stuff, some of the maps were for different gametypes than indicated in the level description shots, but the biggest surprise is, that "Titans" actually wasn't a gametype, but a mutator, which can be used with almost all the gametypes. You have a Titan meter, similar to the Adrenaline bar in UT200x or UC2, which can be boosted by kills, killing sprees, multikills, flag captures and so on. Once it's full, you can enter Titan mode, where you are superlarge and only allowed to use a giant Rocket Launcher or Shock Rifle. If someone kills you, you self-destruct. You can also grow larger and turn into a Behemoth by filling your Titan meter again, but then you will self-destruct after 30 seconds.

Also, you can't do anything as a Titan except for mass destruction, meaning you can't carry flags, enter vehicles and so on. But there's a map, which supports the mutator in a different way, CTF-Morbid. In this map (which seems to be a CTF version of DM-Morbias) there are huge blast doors, that can only be opened by Titans and provide a quick shortcut back into your base.

Greed works exactly the way I've guessed last week. And it sounds awesome, it's a perfect mix between Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, both my favorite classic gametypes combined. It's also the first time Epic makes a clever use of (V)CTF maps for a new gametype idea, Quake III Team Arena style. Killed opponents drop skulls (silver, gold or red ones, giving different points), you have to collect as many as possible of them and take them to the enemies' base to score. So, basically the teams clash TDM style and then it's capture time. Sounds like this is going to be my new favorite gametype.

Betrayal on the other side is an Instagib gametype, where you play in temporary teams. Your Instagib rifle fires both a red and a blue beam as primary and secondary fire modes, while the secondary firemode is for killing your own teammates. For this you get the team score, but you will become an outlaw for 30 seconds and your old team will hunt you for retribution points. Key to winning is to know, when the time is right to betray your own team. Sounds complicated, but it may be very interesting. You may wonder, why this is Instagib only, but I guess it's because you can't really stab someone in the back with a weapon that doesn't instant-kill. It's a good way of emphasizing the whole Instagib idea though.

Also, there are some new turrets, vehicles, deployables and power ups to make the maps more interesting, including the Eradicator Cannon and the Stealthbender on VCTF-Stranded and WAR-Confrontation, the Stinger Turrets on WAR-Hostile, or the portable SlowField on DM-OceanRelic. The Titan Pack includes all the previously released bonus content from the first Bonus Pack (tagged with "BP1") and the XBox 360 version (tagged with "360"). Here's the list:

New Gametypes:

  • Greed
  • Betrayal

New Mutators:

  • Titans

New Maps:

  • DM-DarkMatch
  • DM-EdenInc
  • DM-KBarge (360)
  • DM-Morbias (BP1)
  • DM-OceanRelic
  • DM-Turbine
  • CTF-Face (BP1)
  • CTF-LostCause
  • CTF-Morbid
  • CTF-Nanoblack
  • CTF-Searchlight (BP1)
  • CTF-Shaft
  • VCTF-Rails (360)
  • VCTF-Stranded
  • VCTF-Suspense_Necris (360)
  • WAR-ColdHarbor (360)
  • WAR-Confrontation
  • WAR-Downtown_Necris (360)
  • WAR-Hostile

New Characters:

  • Kana (Ronin) (360)
  • Nova (Liandri) (360)

New Turrets, Deployables, Power Ups, Vehicles:

  • Stinger Turret
  • Eradicator Cannon Artillery
  • X-Ray Field (Deployable)
  • Link Station (Deployable)
  • Slow Field (Power Up)
  • Stealthbender (Axon version of the Nightshade)

The Titan Pack will be released on March 5th (two weeks, ahaha) on PC and PS3 (yeah, XBox owners will be pissed, but it's not Epic's fault) FOR FREE. Yes, you heard me, for free. About 800MB large.


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