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UT3 Titan Pack Preview

This really, really takes me back. Actually I'm not playing Unreal Tournament III, because I still don't have a computer powerful enough to play it and since there aren't any other new PC games, I'm interested in, and UT3 was pretty much neglected by Epic Games, I didn't care too much. However, one of the best things about playing Unreal were the free Bonus Packs developed by Epic Games (and Digital Extremes before they quit working together with Epic), which kept the games fresh. There was one free map pack for Unreal, four Bonus Packs for Unreal Tournament and five packs for Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004. Unreal Tournament 3 however got only one tiny pack so far featuring three new maps and then Epic Games abandoned this game for about a year, setting their focus on Gears of War. Now they are back, making one of the largest Bonus Packs in Unreal history (well, at least I hope it's free), called the "Titan Pack". The information comes from a pre-beta patch out of analyzed .ini files and materials from the Unreal Editor and might be not 100% accurate.

First of all, the pack contains all the additional content, that was "exclusively" made for the XBox 360 version. This includes three new maps (DM-KoosBarge, VCTF-Rails and WAR-ColdHarbor), two Necris versions of older maps (VCTF-Suspense_Necris and WAR-Downtown_Necris) and two new characters (Kana and Nova). Well, I'm not sure about the Necris maps, but the rest should be included. Note, that KoosBarge is a remake of DM-KoosGalleon from the first Unreal Tournament in industrial style.

Well, of course that's not all. The most important addition are the three new gametypes. The most interesting one at this point is "Greed", which seems to be the Unreal version of "Harvester" from Quake III Team Arena. You play this on CTF or VCTF maps and I think skulls are dropped from killed enemies. Goal would be to collect as many as possible of them and take them into the enemies' base (or your own, I'm not sure). Also, there are "Betrayal" and "Titans". Not sure, what they do, but Titans looks like a variant of Mutant or similar Tag games from previous installments, where one player turns into a giant... Also, there are about 11 new maps including a remake of DM-Turbine, which gets me pretty hyped, because this was one of my absolute favorite maps back in the good old UT. Then there is a map based on the DarkMatch idea from the original Unreal, meaning the map is completely dark. And there seems to be a CTF version of DM-Morbias, called CTF-Morbid. Here's the list:


New Gametypes:
  • Greed
  • Betrayal
  • Titans

New Maps:
  • DM-DarkMatch (WAR-DarkMatch in the pictures)
  • DM-EdenInc (or "DM-Stall")
  • DM-KBarge
  • DM-OceanRelic
  • DM-Turbine
  • CTF-LostCause
  • CTF-Morbid
  • CTF-Nanoblack (DM-Nanoblack in the pictures)
  • CTF-Shaft
  • VCTF-Rails
  • VCTF-Stranded
  • VCTF-Suspense_Necris
  • WAR-ColdHarbor
  • WAR-Confrontation
  • WAR-Downtown_Necris
  • WAR-Hostile

New Characters:
  • Kana (Twin Souls)
  • Nova (Liandri)

Map Pictures:

None of this information is confirmed yet, so you might expect some additions or cutbacks, as soon as the actual pack is going to be released.

Next to the Titan Pack a new patch is in development, that improves the messed up GUI and holds several important fixes.

Source: BU Forums

Edit: Original source was deleted by the author, so were all posts about the pack on the official forums. Epic asked me to delete this post temporarily as well, but since the cat was let out of the bag, I've restored it (because of the pictures). Some of the information is not correct, see new post above.

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