Friday, March 13, 2009


Unless I find DM-Instinct somewhere, this will pretty much be the last of my old maps being released here. This is my only UT2004 map and basically this is still a beta version, since I've actually never finished this map. Doesn't really matter though, everything making this blog less boring is welcome, I guess. I've even mentioned this map before, it's a remake of my favorite map from the N64 game Turok: Rage Wars called "Hopeless".

"Rage Wars" had a limit of four players, so basically all maps in this game were very small. Though this version is a bit larger, it's still meant for 1on1 only. The original setting was somehow futuristic, but this remake uses an atmospheric industrial setting, pretty much like DM-Rankin did. There are some triggered sounds, you will hear when somebody walks over metallic stairways or wooden ramps. Each of these spots have their unique sound, so if you study the sounds, you will know exactly, where your enemy is. The new sound effects are imported from Unreal and Unreal Tournament (basically like in DM-Spirit), I love the sound effects in these games.

The layout stayed true to the original version. And I've put the weapons in places, I've associated with the corresponding weapons the most. For example the Rocket Launcher is located, where you could find an explosive ammo pack in Rage Wars. There are a lot of weapons for a small map like this one in DM-1on1-Hopeless, but I "like to have my options open". :D However, that's it. There's still an UT2003 version of the Quake III Arena map "Fatal Instinct" I've made, but I can't find it anymore. And the rest of my selfmade maps are just crabby tryouts and already in digital heaven. I haven't worked on any new maps for four years now, which is actually pretty sad, because I had so much fun doing it. But I plan to get a new rig in the near future, which should give me the possibility of mapping for UT3. I would really love to create some maps for the newest installment of the Unreal series, maybe even a new and more finished remake of Hopeless.


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