Thursday, March 12, 2009


Time to add something to my old map collection. I've found two more maps on my old home computer while visiting family. This one was actually never released before, in many cases. DM-Molten was an official map, which was planned to be included in UT2003, but never made it. It was released in Unreal Championship though, but unlike CTF-Smote it still didn't find its way into UT2004. So, back then I've decided to make this map playable using a file from the beta version of UT2003 (build 927).

DM-Molten is pretty much just a larger version of DM-TrainingDay. It isn't really a good map, but it's fun. Since I've never played the UC version of it, the weapon and pick up placements may be different. Here's the list of things, I've added to the original beta version of the map:

  • removed floating weapon bases
  • added new weapon bases
  • weapon bases now provide weapons
  • added ammo, health and adrenaline pick ups
  • added SuperShield and DoubleDamage in the long corridors
  • fixed positions of some static meshes
  • added some path nodes for bots
  • added music
  • added player count, author and level information
  • added 3 screenshots for the menu



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