Friday, January 1, 2010

Spirit Tracks Rail Diary: Extra Entry

Okay, this is nothing too interesting, but more a note to myself. Over the holidays I played some more Spirit Tracks, like ten minutes every day. It became a small ritual. My main goal was to get the Diamond Membership level in the Beedle shop for a real 100% completion and to collect some more treasures on the way, especially rare ones.

To get the Diamond Membership level I bought the treasures, which were offered every day in the Beedle shop, and three packs of bombs. The treasures always were a 150 rupee treasure and a 500 rupee treasure sold for a higher price. (Well, I've already complained before, that the offerings in the Beedle shop are quite bad, so I won't do it again. :D) Every membership level gets you a new letter with a price and a new membership card, which gives you a higher discount in the Beedle shop. This is a list of the prices:
  • Silver Membership: Freebie Card (200 Points)
  • Gold Membership: Heart Container (500 points)
  • Platinum Membership: Quintuple Points Card (1000 points)
  • Diamond Membership: Regal Ring or maybe Alchemy/Priceless Stone (2000 points)

You get one point for every ten rupees you spent in the shop, which means you need to spent 20.000 rupees (!!!) alltogether. I got a Regal Ring for the efforts and I'm not sure, if you can also win an Alchemy Stone there or if it's always a Regal Ring. I've never used the Freebie or the Quintuple Points cards, because I want those items to stay in the menu (gives me more a feeling of completion). And I could have fastened this process by changing the internal clock of the Nintendo DS, but I enjoyed the small sessions every day, so I didn't do that.

I've also collected some more treasures during the days just for the fun of it. I always play the lottery, I repeated the Lost at Sea Station minidungeon some more times (always gives you a Regal Ring), played some of the minigames and blowed some leafs in Whittleton/Mayscore. By now I've already got six Alchemy/Priceless Stones and ten Regal Rings left over, which is more than enough to buy the entire golden train set three more times. So, if you're patient enough, collecting enough treasures shouldn't be a problem.

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