Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zelda Wii Release in 2010

In an interview with a Japanese newspaper Iwata just gave us the heads-up, that they plan to release Zelda Wii at the end of 2010. A dream. I said, this would be the case, if we're very lucky, but it's entirely possible considering the fact, that they are working on this game since 2006. It just seems surprising, because we haven't seen or heard much about this game besides the artwork and some contradicting news about the state of development. Also, remember that Twilight Princess was planned for the end of 2005 and then got postponed an entire year so they could polish the game and make the cheap Wii port. So, don't get too excited, it's still possible, that they will delay it until 2011. But the delay of Twilight Princess was rather an exception and we will see at the E3, how well the development of Zelda Wii was going. And everyone, who was expecting a Christmas 2012 release or something that late, should get ready a little sooner. It doesn't get any higher than Iwata and if he says, it's coming out this year, the Zelda team is probably under fire right now to get it done.

But I personally think, that Nintendo wants to ship a new, big MotionPlus title as fast as possible. We had WiiSports Resort and that's it. And while Zelda Wii probably won't drive the Wii as crazy as a 2D Mario does at the moment, since a lot of people already bought the Wii for Twilight Princess, it certainly will drive MotionPlus. I wouldn't say the game is simply being dumped like a certain famous blogger does, a 2010 release date is legitimate considering the fact, that they are working on this game since 2006. Nintendo wants to deliver some more MotionPlus action and that's why Zelda has to come out as soon as possible.



Timo said...

"But the delay of Twilight Princess was rather an exception"
Excuse me? :D Nearly ALL big Zelda games in history were delayed ;-)
I don't think this will neccesarily also happen to the new Zelda, as I generally share the same opionion as you have, but TP's delay was NOT an exception ^^

TourianTourist said...

@Timo: Every Zelda game is a big one. ;) And only Ocarina of Time, Oracles and Twilight Princess were delayed. That's not the majority. Some of the Zelda games were even released early, like The Wind Waker.

Of course if you're just counting the big, realistic looking ALttP-like 3D Zelda titles you could talk about a pattern... :D I understand that people tend to think, that because Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess were delayed, that this one will be delayed too, since it's probably a Zelda game of the same proportions.

But saying that Zelda games generally get delayed is an overstatement.