Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twilight Princess 2

A new Zelda game is just around the corner and like always Zelda fans don't like what they'll get. It seems, that there are a lot of Zelda fans complaining about the new art style of Skyward Sword. That they would prefer the realistic looks of Twilight Princess. But let's face it, if Nintendo just would have used updated Twilight Princess graphics, everyone would complain right now, that "Skyward Sword is just Twilight Princess with MotionPlus".

To be fair, I have to admit, that I initially didn't like Skyward Sword's art style as well. But the more I hear and see about the game, the more I like it. I think it could use some more polishing and details, but it looks really beautiful. Especially the background landscapes in this impressionistic art style, they really capture this old, magical flair like an artwork from an old game's manual. Something that has been lost since the N64 days. And in my eyes it fits Zelda more than any "realistic" visuals ever could.

But what I really dig is the MotionPlus action. I'm really excited about this. But there are also people, who dislike the thought of playing with MotionPlus. They want an option to play this game with a classic or GameCube controller. Which would be absolutely ridiculous, since the whole game was developed around MotionPlus action. It's like in the Nintendo DS Zeldas, where some people wanted optional button controls. But it wouldn't have worked, because buttons lack the precision of the touchpad controls, like aiming with the bow in 360°. With the D-Pad I can only shoot in eight directions. We have the same here with MotionPlus. You can't do precise strikes with your sword by using a normal controller. It just wouldn't work. Either the game is really designed around MotionPlus or it's just half-assed motion controls as an optional gimmick. And I really don't want the latter.

But let's sum this up. Some don't like the graphics, some don't like MotionPlus and some don't like both. So, let's take Skyward Sword...

and now let's remove the new visual style and the MotionPlus controls. Angry Zelda fans are really getting excited in this very moment. "No stupid comic graphics? No stupid wiggle waggle motion controls? This sounds so awesome and exciting!" Let's put these Zelda fans out of their misery and show them, how the next Wii Zelda game could have been. The curtain drops, ladies and gentlemen, this is how the improved Skyward Swork looks like:

Yes, we would get Twilight Princess. Again. But do we really want a Twilight Princess 2? I wouldn't be so sure about that... In fact I would even go so far and say that everyone would whine about a Twilight Princess 2 as much as they whine about Skyward Sword right now.

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Natalie said...

I wouldn't mind a Twilight Princess 2.. but only because I liked being a wolf. I don't complain though.. I take what I can get <3 I don't have a wii motionplus thingy though and I don't like the extra expense.. but I'll do it for Zelda. I don't mind the art style, it looks really beautiful and vibrant.

By the way, I like your avatar from the zelda universe forums, dharma and triforce, awesome idea! so I stalked you here :D