Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Duty Calls

At the moment I've returned to Unreal Tournament 3, I just love that shooter, no other shooter is as much fun as the Unreal games. However, I'm quite alone with that point of view, except for one fellow student I don't know anyone who also plays the game and most servers are empty. Popular shooters today either have "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield" in their names, but I find those shooters boring and they just make me return to Unreal.

Now Epic released a Call of Duty parody game as a promotion for their newest game Bulletstorm, developed by People Can Fly. It's called Duty Calls and it's absolutely hilarious, with each shot from your gun the game says "boring", each kill gives you a ridiculous RANK UP! and so on. It's absolutely funny and sometimes shocking how close it actually is to the real deal. It's a very short game, but you should definitely download it for free or watch a walkthrough here.

Download the game here: www.thedutycalls.com

Bulletstorm looks like fun, there's lots of good action, nice visuals, funny big talk and an interesting kill shot system that takes Unreal Tournament's Multikills and Headshots to the next level. However, it's mostly singleplayer, there's some coop and a competitive skill shot mode, but no Deathmatch, CTF and the like, which is a big minus, because that's what I prefer to play in a shooter. And there's no PC demo yet, which is weak. Especially considering that they can easily make a full Call of Duty parody game and release it as a promotion, but they fail to release a PC demo? Whatever... no demo, no purchase. UPDATE: Actually the game was done by the marketing company Wieden and Kennedy, not People Can Fly or Epic. The lack of a PC demo is still disappointing though.

Expect some more Unreal updates in the next days. Zelda-wise I'm waiting for some news from GDC.

Source: Golem.de

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