Saturday, March 5, 2011

Master Quest Confirmed for Ocarina of Time 3D

Check out this video: CNM

"This also comes not only with The Legend of Zelda [Ocarina of Time], but also with the Master Quest. That's like two games in one."
- David Young, NoA

This is great news! Well, I've already talked about this possibility a couple of times on my blog and I'm happy to see it come true. It's like I said, they have the content and judging from the estimated approach how they made this remake it shouldn't have been too difficult to reuse the content. So, it would be a pity, if they would have "forgotten" to include Master Quest. I'm really happy about this and I'm looking forward to play the Master Quest version in 3D as well. Now, if they also added some new content like a small bonus dungeon, the remake would be "perfect".

Source: ZU Forums


Diego Zazueta said...

It's amazing, I see that it could be a very good remake like Resident Evil for the Game Cube.

romplayer said...

Oh yeah! That's really great news! Well done Nintendo, very well done.