Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skyward Sword GDC2011 Trailer

Watch the trailer at GameTrailers.

Duh, how lame. There's nothing mind blowing or exciting and it pretty much looks like the worst case scenario, that the game is just all about MotionPlus and MotionPlus based puzzles. Overall it really reminds me of the Nintendo DS Zelda games fused with Twilight Princess. It has all the general aspects of the NDS Zeldas like the "simpler" looks, the focus on the touchscreen or in this case MotionPlus controls, especially when it comes to puzzles, and fewer items with more variety. But it's played like Twilight Princess. Judging from this trailer we're getting the exact same stuff from the last years all over again, nothing in the trailer felt fresh or exciting. The only new thing is that MotionPlus is powering the gimmicky puzzles this time.

I was always hoping for a new approach, since they were talking about "going back to basics". They should focus on sword combat itself, it should be all about kicking ass, going 1on1 with some bad guys. But the fights again look more like puzzles and not like real fights, it was all just some "swing the sword in different angles"-puzzles. And of course the focus on free exploration, this was completely missing in the trailer. The whole trailer just says "this game is all about gimmicky MotionPlus puzzles". MotionPlus should be a tool for fun gameplay, but not the center attention of the game.

Oh, and we have some generic bad dude again. I wonder if he wants to resurrect some other generic demon king...

However, there were some interesting details. Notice how Down on the D-pad shows the head of the sword fairy girl, similar to Midna in Twilight Princess? I thought that button was going to be used to recenter your MotionPlus powered weapons and tools like in WiiSports Resort. And there's a gauge next to an Hylian Shield icon. I wonder what this means, without the shield icon right next to it I would say it's a magic meter. Well, obviously this shield gauge has something to do with your shield, but I can't think of any use for it. The most interesting thing however was Link's sword, so far it looked like the Master Sword was going to be your companion the whole game, but Link is wielding a different sword in the trailer. But it could be that the Master Sword is still not "finished" like in The Wind Waker and the sword in the trailer is just an early version of the Master Sword.


More details coming in. At one point you can see that a harp is assigned to Up on the D-pad, so Skyward Sword will have a musical instrument after all. And a new action item is shown, though I can't tell what it is.

Also, in the scene, where Link uses the Beetle, you can see something in the background, that on first glance looks like the Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask. Actually, if you look closely, this is only a Skulltula and you can see other of those Skulltulas hanging around when the Beetle flies around, but it was very still creepy at first. xD

And I like the music.

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