Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land, World 5-2: The Zelda Level

It'se Meeee, Touriaaaaannn!!

Well, I bought Super Mario 3D Land today. The game is okay, but the most fun and interesting part for a Zelda fan is definitely World 5-2, the Zelda dungeon stage made for the 25th Anniversary. Like most stages so far this level is pretty short, but it's a neat one. It's entirely displayed in an overhead view and you switch between the rooms with classic Zelda scrolling. There are spiked cylinders that make a similar sound to the ones from the Nintendo DS Zelda games, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, though I think this is the case with all spiked cylinders in the game. And there's a room with four torches and a closed gate. If you light all four torches with the (hidden) Fire Flower power up, the "solved puzzle"-jingle from Ocarina of Time is played and the gate opens to a secret room with a Star Coin. Also, I thought that the first Star Coin was cleverly hidden. If you don't have the game, you can watch a video of the stage at IGN.

I think this level gives a nice impression of how the 3DS Zelda game could look like. It looks amazing in 3D, specially in the "pop up" mode, where the camera is closer to the floor and Mario jumps out of the sceen. I think the 3DS Zelda game doesn't have to be a 3rd Person view Zelda game like Ocarina of Time 3D, the overhead style of this Mario level is so much more charming. It could actively use the 3D in many creative ways and be a very classic and old school Zelda experience at the same time. It would also fit Aonuma's statement that they are going to built on what was done in the Nintendo DS Zelda games.

Also, I still think that re-releasing A Link to the Past as part of the 3D Classics would be awesome, it would be similar, though maybe not as impressive.


K2L said...

5-2 = 25 backwards.

I'm probably the last person in the world to notice this, though

TourianTourist said...

Nah... I think in that case they should have used Level 2-5 instead. ^^

José Luis Vázquez said...

I really want to have an original, old looking Zelda game! and if they (Nintendo) make it in 3D it would be awesomw!

K2L said...

Old-looking, yet in 3D' How would that even exist? =/

Belgie said...

Delightfully Simplistic yet Fun!
I'll begin by saying that this game has exceeded my expectations. Upon watching online videos, I figured this would be a watered-down Mario Galaxy title, but boy, was I wrong! The videos DO NOT do the game justice.