Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Zelda: Fire and Ice Prophecy

Well, the big tide is awaiting us and many are finished with Skyward Sword but already hungry for more. Naturally we all dig every tiny rumor and even big fake ones. Like let's say obviously photoshopped fake logos of two upcoming Zelda games as seen above. These games are called "Fire Prophecy" and "Ice Prophecy", though there's something wrong with the spelling, which also indicates that this is a fake. They come from 4chan and... well, let's just ask Fi what she thinks about that. Fi?

Fi: Master, my analysis concludes that there's a 99% chance that this image is not official Nintendo material.

Thanks for stating the obvious, Fi!

Even though this is a fake, I really would like the prospect of a dual Zelda game release similar to the Oracle games. I remember clearly when the games were released in 2001, I got them at day one and I was really excited about them. Link's Awakening made me a Zelda fan and I loved the thought of not getting one but two more games in this style. And for some reason when I think about the excitement of getting a new Zelda game, I think about the Oracle games. You got two Zelda games at once and the dual mechanics were very interesting, I played the Oracle games for a long time.

Some might compare it to Pokémon, but I never really liked Pokémon, because I hated the thought of having multiple versions with exclusive content of the same game. I'm a guy, who always wants everything from a game he likes, and the different versions really would have gotten in the way. Which is why I never played Pokémon. But "Zelda Red and Blue" were completely different, they were not the same game, they were two individual games, which could be connected to enhance the experience. You could use passwords or a link cable, if you got two GameBoy systems. Today linking games would be even a lot easier, since they could share save data on your system memory.

Well, back then on the GameBoy they were able to go with the slogan "this adventure is too big for one game", since the GameBoy cartridges had limited capacities (though there were versions with Oracle of Seasons and Ages on one cartridge). But today this would feel like a rip off. Instead of making two games, it would be better to make one bigger game. Or release them both on the same cartridge (like A Link to the Past & Four Swords on the GBA). Of course this wouldn't give you the same feeling as the Oracle games and Nintendo would make only half the money.

Source: Screw Attack via Zelda Universe Forums

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K2L said...

I never believed any rumor for the Imageboards. Remember Zordiana? Yeah. And remember how MajoraInformer told us repeatedly that they were true? Good old days, I tell you.

I would like to play the Oracle games, because I never had a GBC. All things said, I hope an original game comes for 3DS first, because we can't rely on remakes forever (sorry, MM fans).