Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Portal 2 meets Unreal Tournament: Deck16 Test Chamber

So, I was playing Portal 2 Coop with Canyarion from ZeldaUniverse forums lately, which got me back into the game a little bit. I first played this game in summer 2012 (Steam sale) and I even built some test chambers at the time, one of which I'm really proud of: Deck16.

It's basically a remake of the popular DeathMatch arena Deck16 or simply "Deck" from the Unreal Tournament series. Probably one of the most iconic DeathMatch maps ever made. It's focused on a lot of action, there are many turrets around, but also on recreating certain parts of the original map using conversion gel and light bridges.

It can be pretty tricky. I first released this exactly one and a half years ago and this weekend I reviewed the map, where it took me about half an hour to solve it again. I basically outsmarted myself here, lol. Today I released an update to make one of the puzzles somewhat clearer/better and I suggest everyone to check out my test chamber, if you have Portal 2, even though nothing of this has anything to do with Zelda. (We had so much Zelda stuff lately that I want to focus on some other games right now.)

You can find the test chamber here:

Deck16 @ Steam Workshop

Wow! Epic Games just shared my map on Facebook and Steam! Thanks a lot!

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