Sunday, April 5, 2015

Majora's Mask 3D Fishing Journal, Entry 2

After my last entry in February I relatively quickly caught all the other remaining fish except for one: the infamous Great Fairy Fish. But then I didn't have much time on my hand and going for the Great Fairy fish felt like a slow task, so I didn't return to the fishing minigame until today. And now I managed to finally complete my collection:

To get the Great Fairy Fish you have to spent a good time fishing during the first two days, so that it appears on Day 3. I don't think it matters, what and how many fish you get in advance. I mostly caught Seabass and Goby, but also one Ambrosial Amberjack, one Dancing Bream, some Fairy Fish, some Skull Fish and two Bashful Angler. So, that you have to catch all types of fish before Day 3 or even empty the pond, those are just a rumors. If anything maybe go for Fairy Fish. But you should spent a good amount of time with one fishing session.

So, now save your game at the Dawn of the 3rd Day, so you can reset, if you're unlucky. Then go to the seaside fishing pond, wear the Fairy's Mask and enter and exit, until the hair starts glimmering. If the hair doesn't glimmer, you simply exit and re-enter, there's no reason to check the pond, because there won't be any Fairy Fish around. If the hair glimmers, you can go and check, if the Great Fairy Fish is there. It's supposed to be in the crystal cave on the deep right side. Unlike Lord Chapu-Chapu it's not so easy to spot, it hides behind the sea grass and it's quite smaller than the cave. At first I thought it might be larger and as easy to spot as Chapu-Chapu, but that's not the case. You really have to go in front of the cave to see it.

Then now find the small Fairy Fish around. You might be unlucky and it's on the opposite site of the pond. This actually happened to me. But you can still get it, where it needs to be. I stood on top of the pillars in front of the crystal cave and I pulled the small Fairy Fish towards the big one and then I let it go. Some people complain, how heavily luck based he Great Fairy Fish is, because they expect a small Fairy Fish right in front of the crystal cave. But you might not get so lucky or only after many, many visits. But the small Fairy Fish doesn't need to spawn there, you only have to get it there. So give it a try.

So, here's my list of records. (I put the German values in parenthesis, because they make more sense, size-wise. Though not all of it, it's really weird.)

  • Termina Bass: 13cm (61cm)
  • Termina Loach: 22cm (79cm)
  • Groovy Carp: 5cm (39cm)
  • Sweet Ranchfish: 5cm (39cm)
  • Fragrant Reekfish: 10cm (53cm)
  • Mooranha: 7cm (44cm)
  • Postal Salmon: 42cm (108cm)
  • Cuccofish: 7cm (44cm)
  • Ancient Fish: 114cm (178cm)
  • Ferocious Pirarucu: 170cm (217cm)
  • Colossal Catfish: 125cm (186cm)
  • Lord Chapu-Chapu: 380cm (325cm)

  • Termina Seabass: 43cm (109cm)
  • Goodta Goby: 6cm (42cm)
  • Ambrosial Amberjack: 37cm (102cm)
  • Bashful Angler: 49cm (117cm)
  • Dancing Sea Bream: 22cm (78cm)
  • Fairy Fish: 12cm (57cm)
  • Ninja Flounder: 21cm (77cm)
  • Skullfish: 36cm (100cm)
  • Nuptuna: 103cm (169cm)
  • Grand Swordfish: 187cm (228cm)
  • Savage Shark: 209cm (241cm)
  • Great Fairy Fish: 392cm (330cm)

I might try to score some better records, but now that I caught all the fish types, I'm not much interested in this minigame anymore. It also doesn't provide any replay value, it feels like something, I'd only ever do once. Maybe I do it a 2nd time in a couple of years, but it's similar to all the Ship Parts and Train Cars in the Nintendo DS Zelda games. It feels great to complete these collections, but it's too random to offer any incentive to play this multiple times.

So, I most likely will keep the fishing going in this one savegame and if I ever decide to replay Majora's Mask 3D, I probably won't touch the fishing in the new savegame.


Dominique Gendron-Langlois said...

good read. I got some trouble catching the great fairy fish. But I managed to caught it. felt so good.

marshal ashlin said...

I am having serious serious trouble with the great fairy fish and maybe you can help me out. I have managed to hook it on my line 8 times the past week and each time the fish just lets go about 30 seconds into the fight. I have succesfully caught every other fish in the game without losing one like this. But with this butthead, i lose it every time. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Is there some special way to reel it in that I dont know about? It is getting so bad and so frustrating it makes me wanna just say screw it. Been going for completionist and I want to catch the fish but it keeps going wrong. Any tips?

marshal ashlin said...

Just hooked him again and he was on the line for barely 5 seconds and just let go. What could I be doing wrong?