Friday, April 3, 2015

Turok: Rage Wars - All Medals

As a reply to my review from 2009, today I finally collected all 50 medals in Turok: Rage Wars.

For the longest time I was stuck with 49 of 50 medals, because the medal "Coming in Last" (sense that irony in the name) requires four controllers. But I thought I should just buy two cheap N64 controllers from ebay and finish this game for my Backloggery. And it sure feels great to return to an old favorite game 15 years later to finally complete it. It also shows, how great Nintendo's old hardware is. My Nintendo 64 works still like a charm and the Controller Pack still had all the save data on it. That's what I call timeless stuff. Not sure that the Wii U will fare the same.

Now in case you viewed this post, because you want to know, how to get all medals, I don't want to disappoint you. Basic rule for almost all medals was that they needed a 2nd player. As soon as I had a friend or my brother playing with me, medals kept popping in. You cannot just plug in a 2nd controller and frag a dummy, however, the game keeps checking for activity of all players. But you can trick the game by using rubber bands on the Z trigger. Which is also what I did for the last medal.

The medals are divided into 36 map achievements and 14 special medals. As for the map achievements, you simply have to win a 10 minute match with a score of 10 more on the map in multiplayer. For most medals you also need to use all your weapons including secondary fire modes. But you can bypass this by using either Tal'Set, who gets his weapons at random, Raptor or Mites. Here's a list of all the achievements:

Earth Temple, Fire Temple, Water Temple and Spirit Temple? No wonder I liked this game!

Now the remaining medals had you do very specific tasks:

  • Attained 15 Frags in 5 Minutes
  • Attained 25 Frags in 10 Minutes
  • Not Getting any Frags
  • Killing Yourself 5 Times
  • Coming in Last
  • Total Frag Award
  • Total Being Killed Award
  • Sniping 10 People in a Round
  • Not Being Killed in a Round
  • Defeated Bastille
  • Defeated Syra
  • Defeated Symbiont
  • Defeated Tal Set
  • Beating the Cooperative Scenario

Most of this is self explanatory. A "round" should again be a 10 minute match. The Total Frag and Total Being Killed Awards are awarded for accumulating 1000 Kills and 1000 Deaths on one profile. The "Coming in Last" medal, which I got today, requires you to lose a four player match with at least 10 Frags difference to the third place. I used a 50 Frag limit for this one and played on my favorite map Hopeless, where you can quickly score frags.

For the "Attained X Frags in X Minutes" medals you have to set the frag and time limits accordingly. Also, don't forget to use all your weaponry or special characters.

The four boss medals are the only ones you can get in singleplayer. They don't have any special requirements, just beat the bosses. And from what I heard you can't get the coop medal in the US version because of a bug. If you have any questions about how to get all medals, feel free to ask in the comments.


Takuja Kambera said...

you have to play 15 frags in 5 minutes on a certain map with certain weapons in the mission because I tried it but it did not work

TourianTourist said...

Did you set the exact limits for the round? You have to play with a limit of 15 frags and 5 minutes for this medal.

Also, this probably was wrong in my post and I edited this accordingly: for most medals you also have to use all your weapons including the secondary fire modes to win them. This can be bypassed by either Tal'Set, Raptor or Mites, however. So, it's not about using specific weapons, it's about using everything you got.