Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ganondorf amiibo and Hyrule Warriors?

According to some rumors about the upcoming Nintendo Direct the Ganondorf amiibo will unlock a new weapon for him in Hyrule Warriors. (Update: not true, the amiibo doesn't do anything special.)

While I didn't like amiibo DLC with the Spinner, we're at a point, where probably no more DLC will be happening for the game. But I'd love to get some more content, even if it's just some costume packs or even another amiibo weapon. I guess, Ganondorf could either get a horse weapon or the Trident. However, the Spinner was a smart choice as an amiibo weapon, because it matches the amiibo stand in a way. You wouldn't get that with Ganondorf, unless they give him the Spinner as well, which wouldn't make any sense.

Naturally I wouldn't trust these rumors, even though they sound very good. They even talk about a cross-buy Virtual Console for SNES and GameBoy (Color) games, which would be long overdue.

But I still would like the possibility of more updates for Hyrule Warriors, simply because I will probably keep playing this game for a long time. I recently got back into the game and started to create best possible weapons for most weapon types, after I found a reliable way of getting weapons with five stars and eight slots. I also still have the Termina map to finish, as well as the Ganon's Fury mode and the pain that comes after. And some new stuff and maybe some updates along the way would spark some more excitement. It doesn't have to be a big second season of DLC, sometimes small things are enough to get you back into a game.

The surprise 1.6.1 update kept me hoping for some of this, but in the end they only did some bug fixing, where I'm not sure what they really did. They didn't fix the Rupee glitch (and they better not with their insane bazaar prices), but maybe the out of bounds issues in Challenge mode got treated...


black_imperator said...

Out of curiosity, what is the reliable method to get 5stars 8slot weapons?

TourianTourist said...

Divisive Plan #9 against three Dark Ganondorfs on the Twilight map. I'm using a Stars+ and Slots+ Rapier and a Weapon Slot II mixture (easily affordable by all the silver drops from Ganondorf). Gives me 5star 8slot weapons the majority of the time.

You should use a Light weapon to make things go down easy on that map.

black_imperator said...