Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oracle of Ages & Seasons: New Secrets Generator and Decoder

In the past I often referred to the password generator made by Paulygon from the year 2001. It let you generate Secrets to start a linked game or a Hero's Quest and Ring Secrets. It always has been an useful tool for every Oracles fan.

Now kabili207 is re-engineering the tool so that it also supports the following:

  • Decode passwords by entering your secrets
  • Create a Linked Hero's Quest

The 2nd happened on my request, because I always missed that feature in the old one, even if it's only a minor thing. But the first is very important. With this you can actually find your game ID by entering your existing secrets into the tool. With that you can finally create secrets for already existing savegames. kabili207 did the Zelda fans a huge service with that.

And it looks a lot nicer than the original as well:

You can download the tool on Github. I will also update my ring guides in the near future with the new tool in mind.


Pixel Acoustic said...

downloaded the original password generator and Kabili's hack. But how do I get it to run? Do I need a certain program to run it?

TourianTourist said...

Mhh, this used to be a normal .exe file, but by now Kabili has changed things on GitHub... I will look into that later on.

Pixel Acoustic said...

Thanks for the reply