Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Golden Classic Controller Pro

This is the newest hardware piece in my collection:

It's actually from a bundle with the Wii game Goldeneye 007, but it's still an official Nintendo product and matches the color of the golden Wiimote, which came with Skyward Sword, perfectly. They look really nice together.

Some ebay sellers offer the controller without the game, so I decided to get one. ZeldaEurope user Wyrule Harrior gave me the idea and it was certainly a good one. I will use this controller for whenever I play Zelda games on the Virtual Console, like the freshly released Ocarina of Time. I even tried this today, though you really have to get used to the low framerate again after playing the 3DS remakes.

I also would like to get my hands on the golden Nunchuk, which they had in Japan's Club Nintendo. I was always saving stars, if they ever would offer it in Europe, but now it's too late for that, because I already invested all my stars.

But that's the kind of hardware bundles I wouldn't mind to see more often. Some extra stuff. Like they could have sold Hyrule Warriors with a Limited Edition Pro Controller, which has golden emblems similar to the Wind Waker edition GamePad. I would have liked that. But instead we got a scarf and Nintendo tries selling Zelda fans Nintendo 3DS systems over and over again.

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