Thursday, July 2, 2015

TriForce Heroes: Costume Frenzy

Shikata confirmed at IGN that TriForce Heroes won't support amiibo! Thank Nayru! They are already following one of my three golden rules for this game and to celebrate, let's talk about the costumes, since now I can look forward to collecting them all without tracking down overpriced figurines.

I have to say, the costumes are probably my favorite aspect so far about TriForce Heroes, next to the Coliseum Mode (which also got confirmed to be online). But with the costumes they are adding something, which the Four Swords games have been dearly missing: a global collectible. You only got collectibles inside the levels, like Magic Seeds, additional Heart Containers, Rupee Shards, Power Bracelets and so on, but those would go away, after you've finished the dungeon. The only thing that stayed with you were the objectives. Well, the first Four Swords at least also had the medals and two unlockable sword techniques, but that wasn't much. And now with the costumes you have a nice additional goal than just completing the game.

They also add a strategic RPG element, because you want to make the right choice for the next dungeon or the next battle in Coliseum Mode. The costumes remind me a lot of the Magic Rings from Oracle of Ages & Seasons, only that they give real visual clues to what "ring" the player has equipped now. But in the Oracle games you also had to chose what rings to bring, you could only wear one ring at a time and it would give you specific perk. And depending on the dungeon and the situation, you might go for different rings.

According to Shikata there are many different costumes in the game, enough to keep you busy for three months collecting them (source). And I'll take him at his word. At least there are already more than there were of those disappointing medals in Skyward Sword, since we know of ten costumes so far:

  • Hero's Tunic: default costume
  • Kokiri Clothes: Nice Bow
  • Big Bomb Outfit: Nice Bombs
  • Spin Attack Attire: Great Spin
  • Lucky Loungewear: chance of taking no damage
  • Zelda's Dress: better chance of finding hearts
  • Goron Garb: swim through lava & pass through fire unharmed
  • Prince Costume: effect unknown (might be Fire Arrows)
  • Cheetah Costume: effect unknown (might be speed)
  • Boomerang Costume: Nice Boomerang?

In general it can be said that all the Maiamai abilities probably return as a costume, if the item is still in the game. But probably new items will also receive upgrades in the form of costumes, like the Gust Jar. And probably some of the other upgrades in A Link Between Worlds, like the increased Energy Bar or the Blue Mail, will also return as costumes.

So... let's have some fun here with ideas:

  • Fierce Deity Costume: Sword Beams
  • Fiery Costume: flaming sword for double damage
  • Armor Costume: take only half damage / stronger shield
  • Tingle or Ravio Costume: Rupees count double / get more Rupees
  • Fairy Costume: slowly regenerate
  • Postman Costume: larger Energy Bar
  • Zora Costume: breath underwater and swim faster
  • Zuna Costume: Nice Sand Rod and/or no sinking in quicksand
  • Anouki Costume: Nice Ice Rod and/or no sliding on ice
  • Bee Costume: summons a friendly golden bee at each level + bees won't attack you

The Fiery Costume and the Armor Costume are basically the classic Red and Blue Tunic from Link's Awakening DX, which also reappeared as the Red and Blue Ring in the Oracles and then got later redefined by the Spirit Gem abilities in Phantom Hourglass, which is what I'm using here.

In case you don't remember the Zuna, those were the desert tribe in Four Swords Adventures. It would be interesting to bring them back for this game, since this is the spiritual successor of FSA. And with the Zora costume I have the classic River Zora in mind, like they also appeared in A Link Between Worlds. Link's face could look through the mouth, haha.

If you have any good ideas, leave them in the comments. I might add them to the list!


K2L said...

Maybe a Dark Link costume? =P

Eduardo Jencarelli said...

In other news, Ocarina of Time's original version has hit the Wii U store this week.

Sadly, it probably won't have the original muslim-esque chanting of the original Fire Temple music track.

TourianTourist said...

You might as well ask for the original Gerudo symbol. Of course that's not in there... Don't really see the obsession with it though, always liked the "censored" version of the Fire Temple music better.

Eduardo Jencarelli said...

The changed Gerudo symbol never really bothered me. But personally, I adored the original music the way it was, even though the second version still fits the temple's atmosphere pretty well.